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War Veterans' Children Say They Are Prepared To Thwart USA's Neo-colonial Agenda With Their Blood

War Veterans' Children Say They Are Prepared To Thwart USA's Neo-colonial Agenda With Their Blood

A group of children of war veterans affiliated with the ruling ZANU PF has said it is prepared to fight the US agenda ‘with their blood.’

The group accuses the United States (US) Embassy in Harare of using civic society organisations and opposition parties to spread its ‘neo-colonial agenda’ in the country.

This was said at a presser by Innocent Mhlanga the leader of the children of war vets affiliated to ZILIWACO Trust and Zimbabwe ex-Political Prisoners, Detainees and Restrictees Children’s Trust.

They also said they will embark on door to door campaigns to drum up support for the ruling Zanu PF party during the forthcoming 2023 elections. Mhlanga said:

As vanguards of the revolution, we are totally against USA and its allies’ hegemonism. Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation which has total jurisdiction of its own affairs. We totally reject the concept of neo-colonial agendas and we will be prepared to thwart that agenda with our blood.

Mhlanga further claimed that the US preached democracy to African countries, yet it was responsible for creating opposition movements in Africa.

He also claimed that all aid and food distribution by the US and NGOs was not in good faith.

The US Embassy Public Diplomacy Section, however, said it was committed to promoting democratic institutions in Zimbabwe and condemned the closure of democratic space. The US Embassy said in a statement:

Finally, the government should cease harassing and arresting political opponents and critical voices and hold to account those responsible for the alleged abduction, torture, and murder of opposition leaders. 

Crisis in Coalition Zimbabwe (CiCZ) chairperson Peter Mutasa said the government needs to resolve the crisis of poor governance, corruption, poverty, poor working conditions, mismanagement of the economy, lack of rule of law and unconstitutional practices.

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Yvt 3 months ago

A bunch of misguided youths with no brains. Kuita short focus chaiyo, vabereki vavo vavarikuti ma war vets vakafa, vana vavo ivo vanenge vakuzviti vazukuru vema war vet?. We need youths with a vision ye progress who see ahead kwete these bunch of fools. There will be no industry to talk about ichasenza vana vavo vakaramba vachi supporter zvisina basa.

Makelanwi 3 months ago

Your Fathers sold out in 2017,by allowing the forcibly removal of Uncle Bob.I nolonger have respect for the War Vets.You were supposed to have defended the principles of the liberation struggle in 2017.ED Administration is the worst Government on planet earth.

Bhora 3 months ago

Where are the EPL results of games played last night Pindula?

Bright 3 months ago

Everton 1 Newcastle 3 Mancherster United 1 Barnely 1

Gidza 3 months ago

Vana Mhlanga mukauya padoor pangu muchiti pwetere pwetere zve zanu, ndinokukwaturayi mukaramba dzinza.

Ta@aa 3 months ago

Havangatitaurire zvakadaro ndovarikudya nezanu vashoma zvino taramba smith aitova nani panezanu taneta nenhamo yaunzwa neZanu munhu wese akuzviziva musapomere

valembe 3 months ago

ndevapi vana vema warvets vakapusa ivawo vari kukakwa nenhamo ,imbwa dzevanhu vanosiya Mari dzichienda nembavha vachida kuramba vachiringidza vanhu this tinovarowa ,ccc chete chete


Dhaitoni 3 months ago

Zvitaurirei mega ana Mhlanga. Isu tiri vana vemawar veterans as well asi tiri kuti:

Sangoma 3 months ago


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