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War Veteran Collapses And Dies While In Vetting Queue

War Veteran Collapses And Dies While In Vetting Queue

A 66-year-old war veteran collapsed and died while awaiting her turn to be vetted at Elangeni Training Institute in Bulawayo on Sunday.

The vetting process is also targeting non-combatant cadres, ex-political prisoners, detainees, restrictees and war collaborators in recognition of their contribution to the country’s liberation struggle.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the sudden death Monday and identified the deceased as Nomathani Moyo.

I can confirm that Moyo collapsed and died while she was in the queue during a vetting exercise at Elangeni Training Institute.

Meanwhile, ex-ZIPRA fighters have complained that the time set for the vetting exercise was too short.

This came out during a ZIPRA Veterans Association vetting exercise held in Bulawayo last Friday.

During the meeting, war veterans expressed fears that they could miss the registration deadline.

The second phase of the 12-day vetting exercise began on Sunday.

The Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Economic Empowerment Programmes and Vetting Exercise was launched last year in June by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Under the second phase of the programme, applicants are supposed to report for vetting at various centres across the country’s 10 provinces where teams are deployed to ascertain their credentials.

Defence and War Veterans Affairs minister Oppah Muchinguri recently announced that:

i). war collaborators would be vetted from March 20 to 31,

ii). war veterans from March 20 to 31,

iii). non-combatant cadres from March 20 to 26,

iv). ex-political prisoners, and detainees and restrictees from March 20 to 26.

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Dhadha 1 month ago


Maravaza 1 month ago

✍️take note....why where they quiet about vetting all along its now running to five decades now?

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Zvimbazi I wish you die the same way.

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Zvimbazi I wish you die the same way.

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Fiend means demon . I pressume you already burning in Hell


Nyoka Longo 1 month ago

There was Hunzvi led demonstrations which precipitated a lump sum payment of $50000 per war veteran and monthly pension payments thereafter. The lump sum payment was a princely sum in 1997, enough to purchase a house in most high density surbubs and be left with change. In 1997 the war veterans were around 40-45000 and in the intervening period the number has gone down due to deaths. Honestly, our esteemed war veterans cannot remain expectant for another lump sum payment when they were once given a lot of money which most of them misused. Cases were told of hiring empty buses for adventurous wasteful travel jaunts alone on the bus. Another even bought a truckload of cabbages to donate to donkeys. There are millions of youths who have NEVER worked in this country. These old madalas and gogos have now become a bother which can no longer be tolerated. South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola war veterans were not even rewarded like Zimbabwean veterans but we don't hear them pestering their governments. Why are they still treating themselves as SPECIAL when ordinary citizens are also having a tough time. It was a sacrifice to liberate their country and they should appreciate the land given to them and the $50 000 lump sums. What more do they want?

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Ini zvangu ini

Khalifa 1 month ago

Register to vote...

cute 1 month ago

afanenzara uyo

🙄 1 month ago

Ende kunenge kuchidiwa mari isu vana vacho tichingobvisiswa mari dzekuita maintain maoffices ema exdetainees nekutenga airtime but chabuda dhololo.
Ini vangu vabereki ndakavaonesa kuti l must look after them not their delapidated war collaborators and exdetainees offices and officers kusina kana cent ravari kuita benefit.
They had to choose between me and kuitiswa neZANUPF. Now we are happily at peace and ndinongwava ndoriritira my parents not these greedy tyrants vasina tsitsi nevakakwegura.
It was said many were vetted years ago mari dzavo dzikadyiwa nevakuru. Thousands and thousands of files ariko anoratidza kuti vanhu vakapiwa mari yet havana kudziona. Only mawar vets. This is maybe the 3rd time same people vachiitwa vetting towards elections. Getaway mhani.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Kkkkkk choosing between you and their party🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zvimbazi 1 month ago


Anonymous 1 month ago

As i always say, its no use kuswera uchifondotswa nevanhu ava, just let them be. How many times vanhu vachi vettewa? Since hondo ichipera 1979 movettewa 2022 just because takuda kupinda muma election. How many times? chembere neharahwa idzodzo dzinenge dzichiudzwa kuti ukaita zvaChamisa hauwani. Kumaruzevha uko vakanzi huyai nema account number so many times, inyika rudzii inoshandisa vanhu vakuru kudaro. Vapera mari vachifambira zvisina maturo now umwe a kicker bucket uyu ☝🏿 watiri kuverenga. Stop being used by these people musangounganidzwa unganidzwa muchitorwa ma pictures hamuzi mhuka, plus kune covid uku

Eye witness 1 month ago

In every election time they're vetted.. just abusing ppl

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