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Wanted Makomborero Haruzivishe Spotted Outside Zimbabwe

Wanted Makomborero Haruzivishe Spotted Outside Zimbabwe

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Makomborero Haruzivishe who is wanted by the police was spotted outside Zimbabwe.

Haruzivishe is one of the five CCC members who disappeared during their trial on charges of staging “an illegal demonstration” in Warren Park, Harare, in May 2020, the State has said.

Prosecutor Miss Police Muzamani told the court on Friday that the police now have a lead on where Makomborero Haruzivishe might be after he disappeared during the trial of the five. 

Haruzivishe is on the run and has been issued a warrant of arrest.

Meanwhile, fellow CCC member, Womberaiishe Nhende, Thursday posted a picture of himself, Haruzivishe and some other people suggesting that Haruzivishe had skipped the country’s border. He captioned it:

A very huge welcome for my brother Makomborero Haruzivishe

His co-accused are Joana Mamombe, Stanley Manyenga, Cecilia Chimbiri and Lovejoy Chitengu. 

They appeared in court yesterday charged with participating in a gathering with intent to commit public violence or violating COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

They denied the charges arguing that the charges they were facing were based on repealed law and they could not thus be prosecuted.

Mamombe and her co-accused argued that participating in a gathering was not an offence. They say holding placards did not constitute an offence and the State failed to pinpoint who was holding the placards.

Miss Muzamani sought a postponement to October 19 to allow police to track down Haruzivishe and this was granted.

Haruzivishe was early this year from pre-trial detention where he had spent nearly 10 months. The 29-year-old was released on ZWL$20 000 bail.

He has been facing a number of charges including inciting public violence and kidnapping.

He denies violating any law, and his party says “these are trumped-up charges” must be viewed as the government’s attempt to crack down on dissent.

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Tang. Ku 4 months ago

If we are not going to hold guns to serve ourselves from this ruthless, diabolic government then nothing shall we enjoy

1234 4 months ago

for sure as long takanyarara hmmm nothing will change Gus. Hondo inopenzwa ne hondo

15 4 months ago

Muchiigona hre zvimbwa sungata

Job Sikhala 4 months ago

Fadzai Mahere was given a warranty of arrest yesterday he is going to join me at Chikurubi Maxmum prison

Zuze 4 months ago

Since when has Fadzi become a "he"? The real Wiwa should know better.
And I don't recall any transgender operation either.

4 months ago

Chingonyorai neShona 😅😅😅😅

Bail Bale 4 months ago

By jumping bail Makomborero awomesera Job Sikhala.

Fadzai Mahere is a she 4 months ago

She is not a he

Tickey 4 months ago

Dzungu rema impostor eZANU. Gweta rakaita saJob otadza kuziva zviri pachena kudaro here?
ZANU maionaka?

rtgs 4 months ago

I'm able to into the future 8 months from now there is going to be a war, People are going to revolt against the ruling party, many are going to die but not in vain


Ngozi yemdc yezvitsvuku 4 months ago

CCC mune Ngozi chete kuchinja Zita hakutsipike Ngozi muchapera chete vanhu vamakaurayisa Muna Tsvangirai vakuteverai Ku Yero ikoko

Scarfmore 4 months ago

Ngozi yaChematama yandionesa moto veduwee. Ndakadzoka kutsipika ngozi iyoyo ndigere ndakapfeka nyoka muhuro. Mazuvano nyoka yacho inenge yaakutoda kundidzipa.

Musashamisike hama mukandiona ndazvisungirira negashwe randinoswerotakura muhuro. Kakomana keYero kandishaisa hope

Mdala wethu 4 months ago

Unopenga iwe

AK-47 4 months ago

Wadyajena never spent one day in jail while he stollen billions of US dollars and bought 25 trucks and now he is still working and work freely . But Job Sikala who never steal any cent is rotting in prison for saying mweya wa Moreblessing hauzorori kusvika wakamuuraya aitwa account for that. Makomborero he was in jail for 8 month for protest unotoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei nhasi atizira kunze kwenyika mava kumuteerera ikoko . How many top ZANU PF who run away from Zim vachitiza nyaya dzavo dzekuba makavateerera here munovanzwa vachitaura nekubuda pama social media munodini kuvateverera . Itai mushe imi

Mind your Grammar 4 months ago

He has stolen

Never stole any cent

Who ran away

Mbuya Nehanda 4 months ago

Svizukuru changu,Chirungu hachisi mutauro wedu waamai,Every other nation besides Zimbabwe hausekwe ukataura brocken English.Zvinoitwa nevanhu vachiri under colonisation izvi.iwe hautogone kupatsanura nekubatanidza mazwi eShona asi urikuda kuudzira munhu Grammar

Sixpence 4 months ago

@Mind Your Grammar, fraud is grand theft. Failure to deliver goods you were paid for is fraud or grand theft. Wadyajena was paid US$7.8 million (or thereabouts) to deliver bale ties, which he didn't. It was Wadyajena who got a delivery of 25 horses and 2 sports cars with that money.

As to who ran away, let's start with Patrick Joao and Tyson Kasikwale

Law Intern 4 months ago

@Sixpence: No need to write all that nonsense on a case which is before the courts.All those are just allegations.You write as if you were there paibiwa mari.

Sixpence 4 months ago

@Law intern, if as you say these are just allegations, how come ZACC got High Court order to seize Wadyajena's property? Property that includes the Lamborghini, and truck horses?

As an intern, you haven't fully qualified as a lawyer young person

Law Intern 4 months ago

@Sixpence: so in your small mind Mayor Wadyajena has already been tried and convicted??
Just because ZACC moved in to safeguard assets that could possibly linked to the alleged fraud?


I am flabbergasted with these ZANU PF imposters. All what it shows is that ZANU PF Political Party is full of youths without brains. Once upon a time, I fought them on this Pindula platform , but I stopped when I realised that I was chasing a wild goose. I further realised that I was doing a good job which the imposters were envying. In addition, their style of writing, layout and English Language command, we are miles apart.

Now to Makomborero Haruziviishe's skipping of bail. I do not normally praise those who commit crimes. If you put yourself in Makomborero's shoes you could also have felt the scotching heat as he had spent 10 months in jail. Perhaps you could also have behaved in the manner Makomborero Haruziviishe did.

In any case, there is likely to be a change of government at the Harmonised Elections in 2023. If CCC Political Party wins, he most likely to benefit from Presidential Amnesty.

Again in crimes, there is what is known as prescription of a charge. That is to say, some charges are done away with after a certain period of time. I am not going further detail with this prescription subject because some charges can not be prescribed.

Disappointed 4 months ago

saka akaonekwa in which country outside this country..

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Citizens have not revealed the country he was spotted in for his security reasons.

Some ruthless Political Parties have hit squads which may be sent to that country to harm him.

Some countries have sound relationship with ZANU PF. Such countries may extradite him back to Zimbabwe.

I want to remind you what happened to Advocate Tendai Biti in 2018 when he successfully crossed the mighty Zambezi River into Zambia. He was detained on the instructions of Edgar Lungu, former Zambia President. Edgar Lungu boot licked His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa's boots.

Tendai Biti's lawyers went to the High Court and the Court ruled against Biti's release as a political refugee, but Edgar went on to release Biti to the security agents of Zimbabwe.

This is why citizens have not revealed where Makomborero was spotted.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

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