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Wadyajena Regains Full Access To Borrowdale Brooke Residence

Wadyajena Regains Full Access To Borrowdale Brooke Residence

The High Court has ruled in favour of Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena (ZANU PF) in a case in which he had sued the Borrowdale Brooke Homeowners Association (BBHOA) after it limited his access to his residence.

BBHOA had deactivated Wadyajena’s vehicle tags and made him use the visitors’ entrance after the association accused the legislator of violating rules governing the residence.

Wadyajena was accused of disorderly conduct and making noise at night, disturbing the peace of other residents.

He, in turn, sued the association saying his rights had been violated.

In his ruling, High Court judge Justice Never Katiyo ordered BBHOA to restore Wadyajena’s access rights to the Borrowdale Brooke Estate. He said:

Whereupon after reading records filed of record and hearing counsel, it is ordered that by consent, the BBHOA shall immediately restore the applicant’s access rights to the Borrowdale Brooke Estate by fully reactivating Wadyajena’s access tags.

The BBHOA and its employees are hereby interdicted from deactivating Wadyajena’s access tags without following due process or the authority of a court order.

BBHOA had instituted disciplinary measures against Wadyajena but through his lawyers, Machingura Legal Practitioners, the lawmaker challenged the sanctions saying they were “illegal and arbitrary”. | NewsDay

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Tateguru 2 months ago

Munonzi muno

2 months ago

Tinonzi isu

2 months ago

Mmmm ya matatya anovhotera Zanu Pf munonyadzisa sure

2 months ago

Tose takangoziva ku rejesta kuti tivhote and tichizovhota zvineungwari, matakanana ose aya a opera. This is not the Zimbabwe we all want.

juju 2 months ago

wadyajena the tycoon

register to vote

2 months ago

Mayor Wadyajena- The Tenderpreneur

Anonymous 2 months ago

ngaaende kugokwe uyo, ungauya kukanganisa vanhu vanoda kugara murunyararo havo, time yema vheti waisatotenderwa kuridza radio inonzwikwa panext door, zviridzire mumba mako imomo

Truth 2 months ago

Don't be driven with emotions be realistic, Zanu PF is not going to be easily dislodged from power.Mark my words you're all going to be disappointed come 2023.All You can say is elections have been rigged and go in the streets for days without anything material coming out of it.

mukmeric 2 months ago

wangu hauzi Mwari izvi zvaukutaura izvi nyarara hauzivi ramangwana zvimwe zvooda kumirira woona

Mlotshwa 2 months ago

zvine basa rei zvekuhwina kweMaElections kweZANY,that is bull ****

Tau 2 months ago

Tpeiwo zvabuda kuWold Cup Boyz pliz

skinny pig 2 months ago

Qatar 0- Equado 2 Valencia diye akada both goals.


xxx 2 months ago

Zimbabwe 4 Brazil 0

Asalif 2 months ago

This guy he surprise me so how does he know what troubles the people he represent in parliament when he is in Borrowdale all the time I think his constituency is highly underdeveloped

2 months ago

It certainly is.
Wakamboona roads to the Goats point from Kadoma via Sanyati here?

It took me 8½hours of torturous driving from Kadoma to Gokwe in a high clearance 4x4 Twin cab

Cde hondo 2 months ago

Thuggish behaviour ye zanu yaramba kupera from gokwe to Brook

How far 2 months ago

ko ma stands ku borrowdale imari

xero 2 months ago

hoo wanga uchida kubvunza kut mbeva dzinoita Mario , mbeva dzinoita $ for 4 wangu

Kennan properties 2 months ago

150ks upwards

MuShona 2 months ago

Mapfupa angu amuka

Manikiniki! 2 months ago

In Zanuland the corrupt enjoy everything from making noise in normally quiet residence to protection by the captured courts.

Olive 2 months ago

juru my husband were are you

Olive 2 months ago

juru my husband were are you

2 months ago

kana waziva price unoda kudii iwe uchitadzs kutenga data chairo

Commentary 2 months ago

Apo. Gokwe haina kana Internet moreover roads there are deplorable

juru 2 months ago

I'm sorry olive my wife

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