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Wadyajena Abused His Parliamentary Post To Push Rival Musarara Out Of Transport Deal

Wadyajena Abused His Parliamentary Post To Push Rival Musarara Out Of Transport Deal

ZANU PF Member of Parliament (MP) for Gokwe Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, has been accused of abusing his Parliamentary post to champion personal interests.

Local businessman, Tafadzwa Musarara, through the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ), has since taken the matter to the High Court.

Musarara cited the Parliamentary Committee on Lands and Agriculture chaired by Wadyajena, the Parliament of Zimbabwe, Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, Clerk of Parliament, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Finance minister, Mthuli Ncube as respondents.

GMAZ has submitted that in pushing Musarara out of a grain and inputs transportation deal, Wadyajena showed “his interests in the cause of bias, malice or corruption in the manner he conducted himself throughout the proceedings.”

The court was told that while the law allows the committee to order any person to appear before it, the same law does not permit it and its chairperson to prepare and adopt reports.

In this regard, GMAZ is seeking a review of the committee’s inquiry proceedings in which it was listed as a respondent.

The association said they were ambushed by the committee and bullied by Wadyajena.

GMAZ, Drotsky PVT Limited and Musarara are cited as applicants. Reads the court application:

Second respondent is an interested party in the proceedings in that he operates a fleet of trucks, which he owns under the company called Mayor Logistics.

This company was awarded contracts to ferry agricultural inputs, grain, cotton and other crops on behalf of the government.

The association indicated that Wadyajena failed to declare his interests in the matter, but went on to preside over the inquiry, despite him being conflicted, thereby breaching “the Administrative Justice.”

GMAZ appealed to the court to set aside the committee’s findings.

The matter is yet to be heard. 

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wadya 1 week ago

Wadyajena nguva yake yakwana ane dzungu nemari yekuromba unopa ma ma. ma

Gokwe Nembudziya chinyenyethu 1 week ago

Ku chinyenyethu kwedu uko huya ugadziretara road yakafa

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

This is corruption in its fullest making. Honorable Mayor Wadyajena should have declared his interests in the business. As chairman of the committee on Transport he used the committee to elbow out others of the business.




🙄 1 week ago

ZanuPfu-tse-k here ndohunhu hwayo but change is coming. Greedy lunatics chete chete. Kana basa zvavo nemacitizens. Chero ivo nemhuri dzavo vakadya neku-su-ra chete zvavo bho stereki.

Maparamuro 1 week ago

Player and referee at the same time that's how zanupf operates.

Bhora musango

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