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VP Chiwenga Threatens COVID-19 Vaccination 'Detractors'

VP Chiwenga Threatens COVID-19 Vaccination 'Detractors'

Vice President and Health and Childcare Minister Constantino Chiwenga has warned members of the public who discourage others from getting vaccinated against COVID-19 that they will be punished.

Chiwenga made the threat while addressing hundreds of Mashonaland East members of Young Women For Economic Development during the mushroom pilot project training and graduation ceremony in Marondera over the weekend. He said:

As the Minister of Health and Child Care, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that COVID-19 is still with us, it is not yet gone so I urge people to get vaccinated against the virus.

There are some who mislead and discourage others from being vaccinated saying it’s a waste of time, we know their agenda, ‘we know your mission’.

We see what is taking place, however, I repeat, however, if you want to disturb the Government programme to save citizens from this virus, where a lot of money has been used on vaccines so that every Zimbabwean can be saved, I am simply saying be warned, your misguided machinations will catch up with you very soon.

Zimbabwe had targeted to attain herd immunity by December 2021 but to date, less than half of the population has been fully vaccinated.

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Genarari 1 month ago


mkomashef 1 month ago

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Zimbabwean 1 month ago

You can't get a following through threatening.

marry mubayiwa chiwenga 1 month ago

the whole ministry of Health, I believe your Covid figures the past 2-3 months were totally wrong and manipulated. I think you wanted elections to take place. Bulawayo was hit by some very mild flue and I think that was Covid.I'm fully vaccinated but the way I suffered a flue ummm it was crazy ,14days nonstop pain. To make matters worse several people were complaining about this Covid like symptoms, the whole neighborhood and some are still suffering from that mild flue, from infants to adults. We have never seen the Covid testing task force teams anyway around our neighborhood ever since the the inception of the pandemic. Zimbabwe has been cooking figures ever since and I believe many are dying due to Covid related illness, especially in Rural areas where they bury corpses as soon as possible without postmortem results.

blessing chebundo 1 month ago

musangodyirwawo mari nema GP imi,do steaming with concotions ginger,garlic etc

wear warm clothing jersey,sox

eat health fruits with fluids mellon,citrus

Mai Chimuti 1 month ago

I got a terrible cough, coupled with a sore throat and running nose. I drank a cup of ordinary tea with lemon, a fresh zumbani leaf and a pinch of mukundanyoka 3 times a day. On the third day the illness had disappeared. I am not saying that its a substitute for seeing a Doctor, but it worked for me.


Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Once a teacher always a teacher. Our Chef's language tells us where he came from. It is full of threats and intimidation. There is nothing wrong if two or more people discuss a subject. The Chef used such threatening speeches when he once addressed nurses and doctors and most recently at a rally at Mbizvo in KWEKWE.

Purse 1 month ago

True l second you

inini 1 month ago

remember kuti ndigeneral

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

ndiGeneral, so what?

factos 1 month ago

chinorwara ichi

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Our rulers (I dare not call them leaders), have a penchant for threats. Threats or violence do not change mindsets.

Inform people of the benefits and prove value-addition.

tom 1 month ago

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tom 1 month ago

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Jimmy machende 1 month ago

Ndipe number

Mugabe 1 month ago

Hanzitombodi kuziva arikutonga just answer the question kana uchiziva kuti y abvjnza iwe wakuzvambarara pamusoro pemubvunzo

Zim 1 1 month ago

ndine mubvunzo, why mabus eZupco achinamirwa masticker eZsnu Pf asi maOpodition achirambidzwa

Vampire 1 month ago

kusaziva soo. tell em mukoma Solution

solution 1 month ago

ukaziva kuti ari kutonga ndiyani unobatsirikana

Muzukuru WaNehanda 1 month ago

its a very wise driver.... but may you kindly finance the hospitals.

maya 1 month ago

ini handibaiwe it's against my religion and maheart problems akuwanda after those vaccines

Live 1 month ago

As of me I don't know if my heart problem caused by these vaccines jabs but what since I get vaccinated last year my heart is no longer the same .
I don't have to worry or fear to speak out to those not yet vaccinated but if these vaccines causes heart problems better not to .
Covid is going to be over soon but heart problem can't go for good .


🙆🏿‍♂️ 1 month ago

One hear6.
Many heart problems

I 1 month ago

Une ma hearts mangani?

Uzumba 1 month ago

just point us vanhu vacho tirove

holly nonsense 1 month ago


Mary 1 month ago


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