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VP Chiwenga Proposes Taxes On Beer, Cigarettes To Fund Healthcare

VP Chiwenga Proposes Taxes On Beer, Cigarettes To Fund Healthcare

The Minister of Health and Child Care, Vice President Costantino Chiwenga, says the government should introduce taxes on beer and cigarettes to raise money for medical services.

Chiwenga who was speaking during a pre-budget seminar for parliamentarians in Victoria Falls where he was the guest of honour said this will help avoid overtaxing every citizen. He said:

The ministry is proposing that a certain percentage of the ZINARA funds be ring-fenced to finance health services such as purchasing of ambulances required in cases of road traffic accidents and the treatment of victims of accidents requiring hospitalisation.

It is also proposed that a certain number of cigarettes be reserved for financing health, for example, for every five packets sold one goes to the national health services. With regards to alcohol, a certain number of bottles should contribute to financing healthcare services.

Chiwenga said the taxes shall be collected from the source, where manufacturers will be asked to furnish the government with details of quantities made since it is impossible to collect the “two per cent tax from non-users of these things.” He added:

So let’s have a cent from alcohol, cigarettes and ZINARA fees, to fund national health services.

He challenged Finance and Economic Development minister Mthuli Ncube to honour the Abuja Declaration where African states agreed to commit at least 15 per cent of the national budget for health services.

The ministry was allocated 13 per cent in the 2021 budget.

Chiwenga made the proposal in response to parliamentarians who had proposed that the treasury should introduce a 1.5 per cent cancer levy across all sectors of the economy to fund cancer-related medical needs.

His proposal comes when members of the public have complained over many taxes that are leaving their pockets dry.

Some criticise the government for failing to curb tax evasion by big companies and too many tax exemptions.

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Frikanos 6 months ago

Pane nyaya

Musvatimba 7 months ago

Generari vakutsvaga kutikuvadzisa manje.Izvi zvakutoreva kuti doro ririkukwira manje.Vanhu vanofunga kuti kumwa doro iluxury nhai?Kuedza kukanganwa nhamo dzemuZimbabwe.

Gnr Rtd C. Chiwenga 7 months ago

It will work, you will not work, simple 🙏🏽

chief 7 months ago


Tinovonga 6 months ago



Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 7 months ago


Mr ndhlumbi 7 months ago

Hazviite izvozvo

Dambudzo watinetsa 7 months ago

Generari, recover all the money that was looted by your cronies and also ask Tagwirei to fund towards health ministry.

momoe 7 months ago

aaaaah better's a great initiative VP vanhu vanonwa doro ndavabhadhare tax kwete kuti isu tisinganwi tobhadhara 2%

Chobi" 7 months ago

Gtwy makushaya pekubira marii makuda kubira marovha Mari

Chobi" 7 months ago

Gtwy makushaya pekubira marii makuda kubira marovha Mari kunwa neku bhema it is fo life relief

Mr ndhlumbi 7 months ago

Wakarambidzwa nan kunwa

Nkululeko 7 months ago

I think someone raised nyaya yema China ngatifambei nayo varume inokwana mari iyo kana ma China akabvisa tax ye miti yavari kutema ndokunge havo vasiri kubhadhara unogona kuhwa zvonzi umwe ne umwe anotora mu China wake ndiye anodya tax yemu china waanenge auya naye,ko handiti zinara ne fodya zvacho ma company acho anobhadhara tax ko apa zvazodii ngavango controller Ku treasurer zve

Tsivo 7 months ago

I think jenarari vanoty fungei kudarika mumwe wavoe and l really believe now kuty pfungwa dzavo dzirikutsikirrrwa.

Solomon Shaft Mining 'C0' 7 months ago

Provided that the revenue collected will be honestly channeled towards the public health sector,Its a good preposition.

RTM 7 months ago

Preposition or proposal?

Chitambira.c 7 months ago

Though I neither drink beer nor smoke..I sympathize with the intended affected group..smokers and beer drinkers...I suggest you levy the Chinese gold and chrome and iron diggers in Zimbabwe..these guys are milking our country dry...

R Dongo 7 months ago


Charlie 6 months ago


Mulisi Jappie 7 months ago

Better tax all the ministries to fund for the healthcare.

M.J. 7 months ago

Better tax all the ministers than to tax those who are suffering.

Edina Matyora 7 months ago

Kkkkkkk let's see if you can tax kachasu, chimonera and mbanje.

Beasty boyp 7 months ago

To be honest,as a patrotic Zimbabwean i think VP Chiwenga raised a very good point.Jealous down i cant oppose that one.Thumbs up #zvidakwabhadaraitax

Doroguru 7 months ago

Way to go General

Beasty boy 7 months ago

Hmmmmm jenarari inisvika here mari iyoyo kuzvipatara or kuti you simple want to recover mari dzamaka spender ku Covid vaccine?Jenarari hmmmmm.

Prosper P 7 months ago

I am in agreement with what VP Chiwenga is saying. Way to go. I actually think every packet of cigarettes and bottle of liquor should contribute to that fund. And, it's a good thing that that tax be extracted from manufacturers...source.
Thumbs up General in Health for that

jombo 7 months ago

What u are saying makes sense now....
We are waiting for it

Given Nyathi 7 months ago


Sir 7 months ago

Haaa mashaya zvekuita here ndokudii ikoko tibvirei apo

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