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"VP Chiwenga Misled On CSC Reopening"

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was reportedly misled into believing that the Cold Storage Company in Bulawayo had reopened.

Chiwenga, then the acting president, officially reopened CSC on 22 August where he told hundreds of ZANU PF supporters bused in from all over Matabeleland for the event that the company will never again be allowed to shut down.

However, ZimLive reported that CSC has no working cold rooms and no capacity to store meat and a privately-owned butchery operating inside CSC is the only facility selling meat.

This comes after Boustead Beef, a UK-registered company owned by former Marondera farmer Nicholas Havercroft, struct a deal with the government to take over CSC’s assets and manage the meat processor’s operations for 25 years.

Havercroft claims to have so far invested US$24 million into CSC but the plant remains closed three weeks after it was officially opened.

ZimLive reported sources as saying the reopening was staged for a show by Havercroft who allegedly borrowed a stun gun, bullets and a brisket saw from Bulawayo Abattoirs, a subsidiary of Grills Group of Companies. Said a source:

Even the person who was stunning the animals was an employee from Bulawayo Abattoirs because we don’t have qualified staff as they were retrenched by Boustead.

It was just for show; go to the plant and see for yourself. We are not slaughtering, except for six beasts last week when a customer arrived without notice; we had to rush and borrow equipment from Grills.

A retrenched CSC veteran, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the publication that Boustead misled the government over a failure of the plant’s refrigeration system. He said:

You cannot drive those industrial refrigeration systems without loading a certain tonnage of ammonia, it is mission critical.

When they tried to load ammonia, the pipes blew. An inspection showed the pipes were worn out and leaking.

Without restarting the cold component, there is no Cold Storage Company.

Those fakes don’t meet ammonia system piping safety requirements, but the long and short is they will not get that plant up and running without first refitting the entire network.

It’s not a trivial problem; nobody can work in there even with minor leaks because ammonia is toxic at low concentrations and flammable once you start going up.

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mdara Loli pop 4 months ago

akomana nyika iyi makaikoniwa kare. Chinonzi governance hakusi kungoba mari nekutyisidzira nekuuraya vanhu. U claim to hate USA and the Western countries but ndokune Mari yese , hunyanzvi ne technology yacho ikoko. Muno mu Zim hapana kana munhu mutema 1 anogona kana kugadzira battery re torch zvaro 🧐🧐. kutuka ma British nekuti ivhu nderedu hakuindesi nyika mberi . Chionai ma generations e hama dzenyu zhinji dzakufa dziri marombe manje ne nhau yenyu yekuoma musoro. The major difference between civilisation yedu vatema nema whites is Technological advancement. Even these social media platforms it is their brains. If we are wise we must build relations with these people.

Observer 4 months ago

Inga ED ndakaona pic yake smiling @ Blair and wondered...Does he like him that much??

Foreign Affairs 4 months ago

EeeDhiii na Akusurira varikutsvaga ma Vhiza ekuenda Britain kunochema Queen Eriza.

Moyo 4 months ago

****s can be ****ed too

Worzell Gummidge 4 months ago

l refuse to believe that the Gindagoriya was misled into officially opening the defunct CSC. Soon you will hear that money disappeared as government poured millions of dollars into the CSC.

The Marondera farmer might have been arm twisted into staging operations as Zanu PF pretended to implement development projects that only function on ZBC TV & in the Herald propaganda Paper. The Gindagoriya fancies himself the future president of Zimbabwe.

In any case Zanu Pf supporters are so empty headed that they will believe anything. That's why they were busssed to a rally & told the lie that CSC is now open for business.

Kule Kule 4 months ago

Iwe muzukuru usajairira vanhu. Pane musiyano mukurusa pakati peku nyepegwa nekutenda munhema dzako 😂😂

Doug 4 months ago

If we have any journalists who are allowed by their media houses to practise investigative journalism they could start by looking at the UK company, its owner/s and directors if it exists, and how happy the farmer who left Marondera for the UK is to come back and invest.

Tawanda 4 months ago

Misled by who? How can a whole VP be part of a dodgy company. Isn't he supposed to verify the company operations first before being associated with it?


Pathetic citizen 4 months ago

How can this guy be misled so easily...pity us the citizens...the guy can't even speak English.,not that it matters

Sorojena 4 months ago

VP misled... By who? Is he not supposed to t****ughly check projects of such magnitude so that he disseminates a well informed message to the country.

1 week ago

It's very true the VP was mislead, because I was working there, even when he was touring the machines kept on breaking down, he did his ground work of sending people to check on the progress but the people who were coming were showed things that were working, yet there was a lot which was still to be done, even until to date, the contracted engineering guys under a company called Cedar Colum have not been paid there salaries for three months, Nick is telling them that the investor in UK is refusing to sign for there salaries. So they are going to work with no salaries or any incentives. Nick is ignoring calls from The MD of CEDER Colum, they are only killing an average of ten cattle a day at 25usd each, the company needs a serious investor not this guy Nick who is struggling to even buy the saftey clothing, the guys at the canteen lunch time are given beans or veggies with kapenta. Tea time they are given tea with no milk and very little sugar only. The pipes for the cold rooms are rotten and leaking terribly, most of the things are bring fix with Kiya Kiya no spares are being bought. The CEDER column engineer is walking to and from home no car.

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