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VP Chiwenga Condemns Public Violence

VP Chiwenga Condemns Public Violence

Acting President Constantino Chiwenga has urged citizens to desist from violence saying it hinders development and deprives people of their livelihood.

Chiwenga made the remarks on Friday afternoon after he officially opened the refurbished Sai Mart Supermarket in Entumbane in Bulawayo. He said:

Whilst concerted efforts have been made to rehabilitate the affected infrastructure, it is my prayer that the City of Bulawayo and the nation at large will never witness the agony that the communities went through because of these unfortunate riots.

Such kind of acts hinders development and deprives the people of their livelihoods.

As Zimbabweans, we are known to be a civilized nation. Violence and destruction of property are retrogressive and anathema to development.

The complex was destroyed in January 2019 during riots that were triggered by an unprecented fuel price hike.

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Parasite 1 week ago

Any eye to any eye General. Gone are the days Zanu PF used to beat people because of their political affiliations.

inini 40x 1 week ago

ino tongwa nevene vayo

RobertRuine 1 week ago

It's "an eye for an eye".

Gouveia Muputukezi 1 week ago

God bress Pumura, Ordhi Pumura

inini 4ox 1 week ago

ino tongwa nevene vayo

RobertRuine 1 week ago

An eye for an eye.

Yoweeeeee 1 week ago

Ndimi munotanga. Ndimi munotuma vanhu kuti rovayi. Urayayi. Ngaadisappear. Mutocheyi. Isirayi poison. Ndiwe. Nama kuru one. Ehee ndimi.

inini 4ox 1 week ago

ino tongwa nevene vayo..z.z.z.

Mary 1 week ago

....but Domestic violence & child ****ual abuse by the presedium is the number one priority of the new dispensation.

Nkust 1 week ago

@robert, pwi pwi kuda kuseka kana kugadzirisa chirungu no need, iye murungu kutyora tyora shona zvonzi anoedza mutema kutadza chirungu hanzi ****, munhu mutema ane nhamo


1 week ago

kkkkkkk pipo

phumurha oridi phumurha 1 week ago

a whoru vice-president opening a supermarket ! nhai we nyika inowuraya nevhene vayo!

Duduzani 1 week ago

The shop is wholly owned by deputy minister of industry RAJ MODIif you know you know

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Kkkkkk ana Chiwenga motovhura matuckshop iwayo ko panewo chamakavaka here? Kuur badzi nekuparadza nyika

Anonymous 1 week ago

You taught us violence through gukurahundi, genocide targeted to ndebele speaking community, and we are not going to forget, its your duty not to forget even if you are from ****land, we dont know their next target

Nimrod 1 week ago

But torture iri kuitwa na baba ava ku ex wife yake ma one!

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