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Voters' Roll: ZEC Says It Won't Comment On The Matter

Voters' Roll: ZEC Says It Won't Comment On The Matter

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it will not comment on the request for the electronic voters roll until the courts have made a ruling on the matter.

Following Team Pachedu’s accusations of manipulation, civic society organisations, as well as political parties, have requested access to the computerized voters’ roll.

However, in a Twitter post, the commission said:

The issue concerning availing the electronic voters roll to those who request it is before the courts or sub-judice hence the commission will not comment on that matter until there is a court determination’

The Election Resource Centre (ERC), a local watchdog, is among the organisations that tried in vain to get a copy of the voters’ roll.

ERC said without the voters’ roll, it will be impossible to know if the boundaries created by the delimitation process have followed the law and if indeed votes are equal.

In its defence, ZEC says it is protecting people’s personal information from being abused online.

According to election experts, access to voters’ rolls is important for the holding of credible, free, and fair elections as it enables stakeholders to verify the information.

ZEC demanded US$187 238 from ERC for a hard copy of the voters’ roll.

The commission cited provisions of Statutory Instrument 145 of 2022 Electoral (Voter Registration) (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 (No.1), which imposes US$1 per page of the roll as the unit price.

However, ZEC spokeswoman commissioner Jasper Mangwana stated that a less expensive electronic format would be accessible “soon,” without providing any precise release dates. The statement was made in November 2022.

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Olden Wise 6 days ago

Zizi harina nyanga, ichokwadi .

Press Release 6 days ago

The Electoral Commission has accepted the observations made by those who had an opportunity to delve into the preliminary Delimitation report .
We thank you for your contributions.
It is of importance for you to know that your input is unworthy as regards to our cause .

The Electoral Commission will ,as usual, overtly proceed with it's clandestine deliberations in an effort to undermine democracy , free and fair elections and human rights in Zimbabwe .

We hereby inform you that you should except more electoral gerrymandering as we are of the obstinate view that the current administration has been overrun by covert factioneering and as such the lootirati will not stand aside as the goose that lays the golden egg slides away .

Elections Commission Chairperson


Patriot 6 days ago

Munoda voters roll reiko naro ma CCC imimi just do your part yekudeedzera peace neku contester muma elections bedzi. Izvo siyirai ku ZEC varidzi ve basa. Zimbabwe is much bigger than CCC and Nelson Chamisa

abx 6 days ago

wakaita zvekupoya chte iwe wainga usingadiwi

6 days ago

It''s not only CCC which wants the voter' s roll d.u.m.m.y It's everyone who has got an interest in the electoral process Iwewe d.u.n.u.n.u ndiwe wega usina basa nayo

6 days ago

You are insane 😜😜😜 if zec has nothing to do with elections rigging why not just release the voters roll to the people

Tateguru 6 days ago

Here is here, period.


Anonymous 5 days ago

NdakaTurna 18 last week. Registration iriko riini i want to register

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