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Villagers Vandalise Hospital Fence To Create Shorter Route

Villagers Vandalise Hospital Fence To Create Shorter Route

Villagers from Ward 2 in Mwenezi District, Masvingo Province, allegedly vandalised a security fence that was erected around Neshuro District Hospital in order to create a shorter route to the hospital.

Mwenezi East legislator Master Makope decried the development which happened on 11 December this year.

Speaking to TellZim News, Makope said the damage to the fence exposes patients and hospital staff to some dangers like intrusion. He said:

The fence was recently erected after a long time of no security at the hospital and we were happy with the development but now some locals are not to be happy about the whole issue and they vandalised the fence in protest since nothing was stolen.

We suspect they are villagers from Matande, Mashindi and Mangezi who have been using a shorter path to the hospital that was blocked by the new fence and they do not want to use the main gate.

When the fence was erected, it was reported that they complained saying their road had been blocked.

Since nothing was stolen we just assumed that it was that small section of the community who want a shorter way to the hospital.

Makopa said the shorter way passed through the waiting mother’s shelters as well as the maternity wards and this was not good. He said:

The path passes through the waiting mother’s shelters and at times they were robbed at night while domestic animals have free access to the quarters and are menacing the area.

The path also passes through the maternity wards and people would peep through the windows and see activities done inside so the area needs privacy.

Makopa said will engage the Chief, the local councillor and other relevant stakeholders to educate the community on the importance of having a secure fence around the hospital. | TellZim News

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doing 1 month ago

hakusi kuita uku

uye 1 month ago

isai ghedhi ipapo, hamunga tenderedze vanhu

mthwakazi ka ndaba 1 month ago

they will set a bad precedent by putting a gate at that point
people from other points will push for the same
& will end up with 10 gates
abatwa achipoya ngaabhadhare mbudzi period

Sabhuku 1 month ago

there is nothing wrong in having 2 ot 3 gates

nc 1 month ago

isai rimwe gate side Racho iroro rine mutauro. a small gate can do

1 month ago

That means another security personnel has tobe hired and stationed there

security 1 month ago

it's not expensive to pay security personnel hanti ma90000 rtgs salary so 90ks ingatobhurokesa chipatara here but why ppl.are peeping on windows on maternity what do they want to see hanti expected mom in labour Wil b delivering so chinoshamisa chii apa

idi 1 month ago

Tipei news chaidzo, kwete izvi

Logyc 1 month ago

Common sense isn't that common, after all Lol. 😂

1 month ago



Tindo 1 month ago

I hope they create a corridor for the villagers to pass through

farai 1 month ago

gadzirisai fence makanyarara ,tipei nhau kwadzo apa

tafman 1 month ago

zvazviri kungonzi wani path iyi inodarika nepaMaternity vanhu vachidongorera. Moda paisiwe gedhe rei nhym,, read thru before commenting

Peace maker 1 month ago

Vanhu ava ma laggards apoya ngaarohwe shamhu 6 kuneso 9pa****u

Dofo 1 month ago

Zvekudongorera wakunyepa MP coz ma minors ndovangazviita but minors seldomly visit clinics alone of course security reasons yes thats a fact,,ko ingobvisa 1k pa 40k yako yose durawAll zvipere

porongi 1 month ago

that's how Africans behaves if you drills a borehole for them,they will steal steel pipes and make hoe handles chero kuba Tambo dzemagetsi vosungisa danga remombe

kudzi 1 month ago

I think for security reason only one gate is necessary for easy management think of other institutions they have only 1 gate managed by security personnel

chokwadi 1 month ago

an institution like a clinic needs only 1 gate for easy security management and also to reduce the number of security personnel zvekuti mavillagers vanoda magadhe18 hazviite

Fimbasy🧠 1 month ago

It's not good to keep on multiplying gates at the hospital, and likewise it's not good to keep on subtracting gates along the fence. They should have repaired it and left it as it was, allowing people through. That way they could have avoided drama

Fimbasy 🧠 1 month ago

If creating many gates at the hospital is bad, closing gates that already existed is also very bad

red 1 month ago


CId 1 month ago

@porongi ,,,kana vakaona kuba tambo dzemagetsi simple explanation is kunenge kusina magetsi

iyawo 1 month ago

mandishodesa vagari vemuraini imi Moda kurapwa kun'anga here zvomoshoshonora ruzhowa rwechipatara

Dubs 1 month ago

History tells of someone who stole some telegraph wires to make traps during the 1890s. In 2022 munhu odambura fence inodzivirira clinic.

worried citizen 1 month ago

masangisheni aya arukonzeresa

1 month ago

Tipeiwo nhau kwadzo vasharukwa ...waya waya....yadiiiko ipapa siyai vapinde vanhu

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