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Villagers Relocated From Diamond-rich Chiadzwa Disconnected From Water

Villagers Relocated From Diamond-rich Chiadzwa Disconnected From Water

At least 6000 Chiadzwa families who were relocated by Anjin Investments to pave way for diamond mining have been without access to clean water for the past four months, reports.

They were relocated from Chiadzwa to Arda Transau, a government farm located in Odzi, Manicaland province, about 24 kilometres west of Mutare. 

What transpired:

  • Water cuts started in October  2021 when the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Distribution Company (ZETDC) switched off the water pumping station due to ballooning debt.
  • This is despite companies realising huge sums of revenue from extracting the diamonds from Chiadzwa.

What villagers say:

  • Families in Arda Transau are now resorting to unsafe sources of water.
  • Odzi ward 3 councilor, Moses Mujaji, said that villagers were failing to pay ZETDC and Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) a debt pegged at ZW$353 000.
  • Mujaji says villagers are poor hence cannot raise such an amount of money, most have no source of income and their soils are not fertile for crop production.
  • Mujaji added that villagers are now living at risk of communicable diseases as they are fetching water from unprotected sources.
  • The entire community is now relying on three boreholes which are not enough.

Possible interventions:

  • They are appealing to ZESA and ZINWA to charge them domestic rates since they are charging them services as a commercial operator.
  • Arda Transau Relocation Development Trust chairman, Cephas Mujuru appealed to the government and its development partners to rescue villagers by drilling sufficient boreholes.
  • Arda Transau Development Committee chairperson, John Makuyana said the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) promised to clear the debt after a meeting was recently convened with Provincial Minister Nokuthula Matsikenyere regarding the water crisis in the peri-urban setting.

In 2017, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Indigenisation and Empowerment recommended an amendment of the country’s Indigenisation Act to compel mining companies to contribute at least 25 per cent to community share trusts.

The committee also proposed the inclusion of statutory provisions for the application of punitive measures against mining firms that fail to comply with the legislation.

In 2019, President Emmerson Mnangagwa emphasised the need for the decentralisation of government through devolution saying that every citizen must benefit from resources and programmes in their communities.

Nevertheless, studies show that despite abundant mineral resources around the country, the indigenous communities living close to the mines, such as those in Manicaland, Matebeleland and Midlands have been deprived of the right to directly or indirectly benefit from the mineral resources which are used to develop other areas, particularly Harare and Mashonaland.

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Gudo Gudo 3 months ago

ini zanu ndaitadza hey

Tafman 3 months ago

Urgly scenes of mining companies not playing ball to co-operate responsibility.UN CONVENTION on displacements & evictions clearly states that the displaced must be left on a better position than their previous state. And full& adequate compensation must b paid before the process of moving people,, all this is in black&white but some powerful & prominent figures who got shares/intrests in these Chinese entities choose not to abide by law. Obviously for fattening their pockets at the expanse of ordinary citizens

🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍 3 months ago

This section is so sweet Guys
Points and advantages of this:
1.You say what you want
2.Stress free
3.Mind your Business
4. Assessment of your Brain
Are you Insane or what
So helpful etc

Jinx 3 months ago

I open the comment section with fear and much trepidation on the possibility of reading comments of a tribalistic nature. This platform has become a stage for hate to be propelled across the country and i fear for the younger Zimbabwean generation, in whom the seed of hate is being planted because of a few individuals hell bent on increasing the chasm between tribes.
Tribalism is a form of terrorism! Tribalism has no room in this age!

@ Team Pindula, it is known to me that you require traffic on this platform for it to become a source of income through ad generated revenue, perhaps.
However, the traffic on this site has become the extreme of both ends, highly acidic yet highly bitter. Highly vulgar, highly tribalistic, laced with hate.
For the sake of our little brothers and sisters whom may have learned new ways to insult, new ways to hate, please suspend the COMMENTS SECTION.


Jinx 3 months ago

Oooh boy don't ever call me ignorant again. Bad aaples and good apples cannot inhabit in the same container. The bad will always infect the good.
Are you one of those guys who also like to post a few hate comments in the shadows??
Don't be naive, bro. Don't you see what im trying to do? Im just advocating for good behavior by campaigning for the closure of the comments section. How difficult is that to see?
And i thought i was ignorant 😔

Donald Trump 3 months ago

There will always be good apples & rotten apples on an apple tree, so does that mean we have to cut down the tree because of a few rotten apples....this is nature and it will always be like that....don't be that ignorant my guy

🦍 Mkanya 🦍 3 months ago

Guys you know what you are in Red
Very Soon Yellow
Food for thought 🙈


Tanu Mark Finnity 3 months ago

Whr will they go to if they are evicted and who are they making way for? The answer a mining company who will have someone benefiting from this eviction of our brothers and sisters. This is a evil barbaric act being done here they have no heart for them that have no place to go too.

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