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Villagers Mount Roadblock, Arrest Two Bogus Detectives

Villagers Mount Roadblock, Arrest Two Bogus Detectives

Villagers in Mutawatawa, Mashonaland East province last Friday mounted a roadblock to intercept suspected armed robbers who had posed as police detectives and robbed one of the villagers of US$15 000 and 49 grams of gold.

One of the villagers was shot and injured in the wrist during a confrontation with the robbers at the roadblock.

Zimbabwe Criminal Investigations Department (CID) spokesperson, Detective Inspector Portia Chinho confirmed the arrests to ZTN. She said:

Criminal Investigations Department Murewa is investigating a robbery and attempted murder case which occurred at Dindi business centre, Pfungwe, Murewa.

Two accused persons, Chikomborero Gono aged 26, of Nyakudanga village, Chief Rusambo, Rushinga and Luckon Tsingano aged 32 years, Magadziko village, Chief Rusambo, Rushinga have since been arrested.

Police said five suspects robbed Tinotenda Karumazondo, a gold dealer, at gunpoint and abducted him, before dumping him several kilometres away from his home.

KarumazondoÔÇÖs landlord alerted other villagers of the robbery and they mounted a roadblock and intercepted the suspects. Said the police:

On the same day at around 2200 hours, the accused persons were confronted by the villagers who had mobilized each other and set up a roadblock.

One of the accused persons fired a shot that hit one of the villagers on the wrists to scare them off.

The villagers pursued the accused persons who then disembarked from their gate away car and ran in different directions.

They managed to apprehend two of them whilst the other three escaped.

The two suspects who were apprehended were and handed over to police while a manhunt for the other suspects has since been launched.

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Chitova 8 months ago

Mapurisa muno vengwa just because in some of the times munombo zungairai kuita kunge muno gara ku UK siyai kuti shungurudza mukati umu muchitumwa ne vanoguta stand for the pple not for the elite chero mukasunga mbavha 100 idzo dzichi wana pfuti zve kwamuri maporisa acho unoti kuita here ikoko ­čśé­čśé­čśé­čśé rega ndigume ipapo but police be serious kana tichi taura kiti nyika yakaoma moramba pano .unoti dai kusina nhamo pane pawaizoona robbery ichiita kutekeshera semoto kudero be serious guys of uniforms mumirire nyika kwete garwe kuita kunge he is not one of us

Mr Unknown 8 months ago

Better than the ZRP

Kkkk 8 months ago

It looks like you dont follow the news. You just hate the guys. They have done good especially in terms of robbers. Vari kubata vakomana ivava. Iwe l think demon rako rakangovengawo mapurisa chete.

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