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Villagers In ZANU PF Stronghold Accuse Govt Of Ignoring Them

Villagers In ZANU PF Stronghold Accuse Govt Of Ignoring Them

Villagers in Maramba-Pfungwe, a traditional ZANU PF stronghold in Mashonaland East Province are unhappy with the slow progress in the rehabilitation of the Murewa-Madichecha road which began several years ago.

The villagers expressed their frustration over the lack of progress on the road during a visit to the area by the Transport and Infrastructure Development parliamentary portfolio committee.

A female villager told the Members of Parliament that the Government is ignoring the road which has resulted in the underdevelopment of the area. She said:

We thought by this time we would be enjoying travelling along this road like any other citizen.

The truth is nothing is being done at all to upgrade this Madichecha road. The bridges are a disaster.

Since 1980 when we attained independence there has been no meaningful road rehabilitation in this area.

We have been seeing contractors being dispatched here on the pretext of upgrading the road but there is no progress at all.

The villagers are asking why the government which they voted for is failing to honour them. We will remove the MPs from power thinking that they are failing.

But the truth is that the government is ignoring this road which is crucial to us.

Maramba-Pfungwe MP Tichaona Karimazondo (ZANU PF) told the parliamentarians that Madichecha road last got attention in 1990.

Transport Portfolio committee chairperson Oscar Gorerino said Government officials have been lying that progress is being made yet there is nothing on the ground. Said Gorerino:

The reports that we get in parliament from the Transport Ministry indicate that this bridge is completed, they lie to the President that there is positive progress on this road.

We have come here to witness it so that we see who is lying – the government officials or you the villagers.

We will see who is responsible for this delay, this is the same thing in Mukumbura, there is no progress at all as compared to the reports we get.

Headman Tsiga from Maramba Ward 16 urged the government to investigate the contractors and make them account for the disbursements.

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