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Victoria Falls To Intensify Water Disconnections

Victoria Falls To Intensify Water Disconnections

Victoria Falls City Council is planning to intensify water disconnections to force ratepayers to pay up their debts.

Town Clerk Ronnie Dube said the local authority is owed ZWL$500 million by residents and a 50 per cent discount promotion offered to residents was ignored.

Dube said because of defaults by residents, the local authority is struggling to buy water purification chemicals.

Victoria Falls City Council is getting ZWL$47 million per month in revenue against an approved expenditure of ZWL$90 million per month. Said, Dube:

We offered the residents and commercial operators a deal of a 50 per cent discount and still, they are not coming through to pay.

We started off by disconnecting ( in February) those who had higher debts, but we have observed that they still donÔÇÖt want to come and pay, and even those whose bills had lapsed over three months are still not coming so intensifying disconnections is the only option that we are left with.

Dube urged ratepayers to ensure that they pay their bills in order for the local authority to continue providing uninterrupted service delivery.

Council records show that the local authority is collecting an average of about ZWL$47 182 044.42 per month.

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vic rsident 3 months ago

things are tough in vic falls yes its a tourusm resort but how many are getting thise forex thru th natural beauty of the area we are serving in hotels were clients pay in USD in return our salaries are 15000 rtgs the water bill 12 000 per house hold so u want us ti pour the whole salary to municipallity to hell with you CoV billing

Zanu must fall i say Zanu must fall

Maravaza 3 months ago

Water is a human right... Lingadlali ngempilo zabantu. Abantu befolosi kabaphiwe amanzi mahala, there is plenty of fresh water in Vic Falls. Ukomisela abantu kutshoni pho?

Sama's 3 months ago

@khumalo okay carry on doing what you doing you f_ckin ido*ts. You will see zvenyu let me not waste my time with you. But one day is one day. Ndimi maakazvitangira mega. We have done it before check your history books and we will do it again if you keep on doing zvamuri kuita pano.Muchauone mubairo wacho.

Jonso 3 months ago

Stop saying we, say they, because you clearly was not there. Idi*t, that's why urimurombe. Siyana nevanhu Ava.

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