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Vet Department Launches Operation Targeting Unspecified Meat

Vet Department Launches Operation Targeting Unspecified Meat

The Department of Veterinary Services has launched an operation codenamed “Operation Nyamayabvepi,” in Manicaland Province in a bid to stop the sale of uninspected meat by butcheries.

This follows the outbreak of January disease, a tick-borne disease that has claimed thousands of cattle forcing some farmers to sell sick cattle to butcheries.

The department’s Chief Director Dr Josphat Nyika said they have partnered with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to set up roadblocks in the province. Nyika said:

The Veterinary Services Department has been alerted and they are now in the area making sure that people are not selling uninspected meat.

The operation is already underway in Manicaland, which is led by Provincial Veterinary Director for Manicaland Dr Guri, and they have partnered with the police and erected roadblocks.

He added that the department has secured enough dip chemicals for the province to last until July this year. Said Nyika:

In solving the January Disease problem, we now have enough dip chemicals in Manicaland to last July/August, this year

We are also bringing all farmers for awareness, and education, about the January Disease.

We are encouraging them not to sell sick animals but rather treat them, we are also monitoring all abattoirs suspected to be selling uninspected meat.

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mutant 2 months ago

kuda kupiwa chioko muhomwe vabata vanhu vane nyama.very corrupt cz of poor salaries

chikiti.. musavengana 2 months ago

kungwarira paduri se huku muchitadza ku rapa zvipfuyo zvikungoita murakatira kufa

* 2 months ago

Mari nenguva yavari kushandisa pachi operation Chavo vadii havo kutenga mshonga vorapa mombe

major Seer1 2 months ago

hanzi *"Operation Nyama Yabvepi"*🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tkt 2 months ago

Kkk haaa icho chakanyanya icho but it wont work


Widzo 2 months ago

Aaah kuno tatoneta nezvimukuyu zvakauya nakulez, maroadblock haashande kkkkkk

101 2 months ago

Ndipowo chimukuyu

Bright 2 months ago

Vanhu amhuva gone manje oo vanhu vanototengesera imimi fti ve vet vacho

chairman 2 months ago

yah icho ndochokwadi

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