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Veld Fire Destroys 3 Brand New Tractors, Other Farm Equipment At A Somabhula Farm

Veld Fire Destroys 3 Brand New Tractors, Other Farm Equipment At A Somabhula Farm

A Somabhula farmer has said he is stressed after his three brand new tractors and other equipment bought in February this year were destroyed by veld fire on Wednesday last week.

John Makhaya Masuku (37) said the three tractors landed at a combined cost of US$57 000 and a baler at US$9 000.

Already the equipment had done 14 000 hay bales valued at US$21 000, which he was selling at US$1.50 each. Masuku spoke to the Chronicle about his loss:

Kunzima ndoda ukulandisa sile stress esinzima hey indaba yakhona inde kakhulu (It’s difficult to narrate what happened. I’m stressed. It’s a long story).

I bought these three tractors for US$57 000. The two huge 75 HP came at a cost of US$45 000 and the small one for US$12 000. There was also a baler at US$9 000. So, the cost of the new equipment was US$66 000. Already the equipment had done 14 000 hay bales which I was selling at US$1,50 each.

We were making hay bales in preparation for the farming season. The major customers for these are dairy farmers. Then it so happened that our farm workers got paid at the end of the month and they left the project site unattended, parked the tractors side by side with the hay bales, a huge pile stock of about 14 000 bales, covered with a canvas tent.

He said a fire broke out and there was no one to control it as the employees were all away “enjoying their salaries.”

Masuku appealed for assistance from farmers around the Somabhula area in terms of tilling the land so that he prepares the land for the coming cropping season.

He also appealed to the government to help him replace the farm equipment.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Midlands provincial spokesperson Mr Oswald Ndlovu said from July 31, Midlands province has lost about 8 500 hectares to veld fires.

In 2021, veld fires destroyed 408 366 hectares of land up from 778 hectares the previous year.

Veld fire is triggered by people who:

i).throw away burning cigarette stubs,

ii). burn vegetation to prepare land for ploughing,

iii). use fires to hunt or smoke out bees.

iv). make fires to warm themselves while waiting for buses and also leave without putting out the fire.

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. 4 months ago

very sorry young man. you are still you will rise up again

Maparamuro 4 months ago

Cellphone farmers. Am sorry though but good lesson comes at a great expense. Farming is a full time hands on business


I feel very sorry for Mr John Makhaya Masuku for his loss.

I feel that he should be given correct advice. The way I see things from the way he has described the destruction of his property, there was an element of negligence. Hay bales were heaped next to the tractors. Mr Masuku did not say how the fire started.

He did not tell us if the the tractors were insured. But from the fact that he has already started asking for freebies from other farmers, it seems he had not insured his tractors.

I recommend that he should insure his property like tractors. He should also make sure that one or more workers remain at the farm on duty for eventualities like these. Yes, it will cost him overtime, but it is worth it.

Yours truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

@veld fires 4 months ago

keep it up.

Kule Kule 4 months ago

muzukuru shuwa shuwa ungasvika pakutenga ngwanda rakakosha kudero usingazivi chinohi fireguard?

Realfarmer 4 months ago

Ndiwo mubayiro wekusa bhadhara vashandi zvakanaka & in time.

Gazlam 4 months ago

Kunzima ukulahlekelwa okungaka, he bantu. Kungasenani qina qina mzala, ungadeli, indoda ngewa ivuka.


Cmo 4 months ago

He is not a farmer aichengeta tractor pakat pehuswa kt imbeva hre

Gweks 4 months ago

I lesson rekuti unofanira kuziva chinonzi fire gaurd kana uri kunesora next time uchapisirwa zvese ukasara wapazero funga mdara uchiri wakarara

M 4 months ago

Musanyeperwe, ndiye akapisa ega achida ku claimer sympathy.

@M 4 months ago


Gweks 4 months ago

Ungapisa zvinhu zvako sure hre kana newewo

@M 4 months ago

ukwane wanzwa!!!¡

Zac 4 months ago

zvinhu zvake zvipi @ 37 iwe une 75 years ukurambira pabasa ,huori hwega hwega ,why worry another fleet is coming yeComand Agriculture wopiwa fut

ery 4 months ago

vafana varikutaura zveinsuarance,insuarance ipi muzimbabwe inokupa new tractor insuarance idzodzi dzema bond idzodzi ok toti unayo insuarance they fight you hard in court so that you wont get anything ,vanokuti its negligence u left the baller,tractors,bales in th bush,as basic as it is tractors shud b in a garage ,were th tractors registered,insuarance matures after 5 years of use apa tractor yakatengwa feb m done with these fake zim insuarers i saw it myself when i lost my car it jus caught fire outside the main gate

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