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UZA Says Death Of Liberation Fighters Didn't Bring Envisioned Freedoms

UZA Says Death Of Liberation Fighters Didn't Bring Envisioned Freedoms

The United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) party has bemoaned the “suppression” of fundamental freedoms and rights in Zimbabwe saying this was in huge contrast to what the living and dead freedoms fighters fought for. In a Heroes’ Day Commemoration message seen by Pindula News, the party pledged to fulfil the aspiration of the liberation struggle. Reads the statement issued this Monday:

United Zimbabwe Alliance Heroes’ Day Commemoration Message UZA applauds the bravery, patriotism and sacrifice made by Zimbabwe’s heroes and heroines in the liberation struggle which saw our beautiful nation attain its independence on April 18 1980. On this very important day, we recognize and salute the tenacity of the thousands of people who died so that the national dream could live again. UZA stands proud on our heroes’ and heroines’ shoulders, and we do not take for granted their sacrifice for a better Zimbabwe.

Our party honors these gallant sons and daughters for their heroism and daring nerve in fighting repression and subjugation. There is no illusion that the war veterans both living and departed envisioned a democratic Zimbabwe whose citizens would enjoy the one man one vote among a host of other fundamental human rights. The contribution of the likes of Leopold Takawira, Jason Ziyapapa Moyo, Herbert Chitepo, Josiah Magarna Tongogara, Rogers Alfred Nikita Mangena, Dr Joshua Nqabuko Nkomo, Dr Samuel Parirenyatwa, John Landa Nkomo, Rtd General Solomon Mujuru and Dr Vengai Muzenda among a host of others sacrificed their lives for an independent Zimbabwe.

It is however sad to note that the blood and suffering of our gallant sons and daughters has to date not brought about the envisioned freedoms. Our biggest regret is that while we attained political independence, our citizens are yet to be free from the jaws of social and economic yoke. The majority of our people are wallowing in economic slavery which has seen most people failing to put food on the table. Zimbabwean citizens have been reduced to paupers in their own land. The liberation struggle has remained unfinished business more than 4 decades later. We doubt if the departed would be proud of what has become of the country for which they waged a brutal and protracted war. The collective national aspiration for a better life for all Zimbabweans has remained a dream.

Even the living war veterans have raised the flag that the current status of affairs in the country is not what they fought for. Our great nation has been reduced to a nation of vendors where even our graduates are selling airtime for a living. The soaring unemployment rate has pushed thousands into the diaspora while the remaining workers are poorly renumerated and failing to afford a decent standard of life. People’s pensions have been eroded by inflation and cannot sustain their living. Poverty is reeling its ugly head within communities, a development which has seen thousands of youths taking up drugs. Crime rates have soared amid a deteriorating economic environment. Corruption has become a national tragedy which has brought our nation on its knees. Our health care system is now a sorry state with limited personnel and inadequate apparatus and dilapidated and outdated infrastructure. State institutions have been captured to push political agendas.

The United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA), as the government in waiting, pledges to fulfil the liberation aspirations through upholding the rule of law and promoting transparency and accountability. As we reflect on this very important day, it is key that we redirect ourselves and realign ourselves to the aspirations of why we went to war. Our liberation ethos was clear that majority rule would see a prosperous and inclusive nation. Zimbabweans deserve better.

Happy Heroes Day!

UZA was launched in March this year with the leader, Elisabeth Valerio, a businesswoman declaring her interest to run for the presidency in 2023.

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Paul Piki 1 month ago



You have said it all Mrs Elizabeth Valerio the President of United Zimbabwe Alliance [ UZA ]. Mrs Valerio described fully why citizens went to war, how that liberation war was executed, how Zimbabwe became independent in 1980 and how some are enjoying the fruits of Independence while others are wallowing under the yoke of poverty.

Those of us, especially those in power now, sit down and discuss if what you are doing now is what you fought for.

Those who fought in the war of liberation remember very well that the war was waged by us all for us all and not a cult or a clique.

Citizens thank both the departed and the living heroes, but to the living heroes, are you really satisfied with what is happening to the masses ? Rewind back, is this what you were discussing while you sat in the shades of trees in Zambia and Mozambique ? It is painful His Excellencies and Honourables. Today we have a Zimbabwe for the elite and a Zimbabwe for the downtrodden !!!!!

Today the elite gather the poor and the downtrodden for hours in the sun and in the end thank them with sweets !!!!! For God's sake, He is for us all.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

His_story 1 month ago

Let's not forget that it was Britain that gave Zimbabwe it's Independence after defeating Ian Smith's UDI in 1979 to then organize elections in 1980.
Britain gave Malawi it's Independence in July 1964 and Zambia it's Independence in October 1964.

Mugabe 1 month ago

that's true

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