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UZ Law Student Retakes A-Level Exam 4 Years Later, Get 25 Points

UZ Law Student Retakes A-Level Exam 4 Years Later, Get 25 Points

A 22-year-old Law student at the University of Zimbabwe decided to retake Advanced Level examinations in order to better understand the challenges faced by learners since the introduction of the new curriculum by becoming one of them.

Mboneni Ngwenya finished high school in 2017 and got enrolled into UZ law school in 2018.

He recently got his second A level results which he passed with 25 points in six subjects – Ndebele, History, Family and Religious Studies, Geography, Biology and Chemistry. Said Ngwenya:

I have always been interested in understanding what young people go through, especially those still in school and recently, many have been complaining and seemed to be facing hardships in keeping up with the new curriculum.

Now I have better knowledge of how high school feels like nowadays and it will be easier for me to suggest ways to ease the pressure on the students and also make sure the pass rate keeps improving as well.

Meanwhile, parents and guardians under the Our Zimbabwe campaign recently petitioned Parliament to have the new curriculum suspended, saying it is expensive and its implementation was rushed.

Parents are opposed to the Continuous Assessment Learning Activity (CALA), and projects where learners are asked to do many projects per term which are deemed too expensive.

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shaya dzembongoro 2 months ago

pamberi nayo cala hurumende haisikupa Maticha mari yakakwana saka paiyoyi cala vana ndovakubhadhara Maticha.. handei nayo cala

Advocate 2 months ago

Cala haiko! my foot ngatiirambe zvachose hmm

povo 2 months ago

what is cala

Takudzwa 2 months ago

Cala was reduced to 18% ..imagine after they take all the children's time doing cala and then they reduced the percentage. That's foolish. So how will a student pass while he doesn't get most of his time bcz of cala and then it becomes reduced. This is causing most of the pass rate to fall

farai 2 months ago

guyz can l ask is cala 18% not 30%

2 months ago

mboneni ngwenya 2 months ago

ha ha ha zimbo are too foolish hey
you believe everything you read am surprised even the Pindula journos are believing this
the truth of th matter is i got answers from examiners from Zimsec,then i paid for questions of the whole exams
what i dd with that was to crame on the 3months prior to exam

maCALA anga asina yakanyanya coz ndaingoita copy and paste submit


AAA 2 months ago


gogodera 2 months ago

akabhadharwa kuti atinyepere Kala my foot

Nono 2 months ago

Cala is too demanding kumalearners 5 calas kufira 18%

kho 2 months ago

cala is too expensive for sure

Tio 2 months ago

Something chakaitwa in 1999 na Nziramasanga commision and adopted 18yrs later. Cala yatova outdated muma teaching methods aveko kuma 1st world countries. CALA was a method used in the 2000's.

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