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UZ Exam Paper Leak Points To A Deep-rooted Problem | Report

UZ Exam Paper Leak Points To A Deep-rooted Problem | Report

The leaking of a University of Zimbabwe (UZ) examination paper recently suggests that top politicians, security chiefs and other influential people bribe their way through law school, a report claims.

Some well-connected and powerful people, including lecturers and relatives of UZ authorities, allegedly have access to examination papers at the law faculty before any examination.

Last month, Harare police provincial intelligence officer Superintendent Vigai Maunganidze was allegedly caught with a UZ law examination paper before the exam was written.

Prosecutors allege that on 31 October, Maunganidze obtained a UZ faculty of law examination paper for the administrative local government law module for second-year students that was supposed to be written on 3 November.

Maunganidze allegedly shared the paper via WhatsApp with one Madombi, a Defence Ministry official and third-year Bachelor of Substantive Laws (BLS) student at the UZ.

Madombi allegedly shared the examination paper with ZANU PF Director of Information Tafadzwa Mugwadi, who reportedly promised to lodge a complaint with the Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development minister.

A UZ law lecturer told The Standard that the leaking of the paper only shows a fraction of a deep-seated problem. Said the lecturer:

Level 1 has a syndicate whose group is led by one Dubai Queen.

The group has been asking for cash for people to join the group as it has privileged access to exam papers prior to the examination date.

A huge number of students are engaged in corrupt activities to pass exams, specifically accessing exams prior to the exam day and alteration of results for those that failed and other means to enable passes.

Level 2 class syndicates have been securing exam papers through the Disability Resource Centre prior to the examination.

ZANU PF MP’s complaint

In April this year, ZANU PF legislator Dexter Nduna (Chegutu West), a BLS student, wrote to the UZ administration complaining about how the programme was being run.

The letter was copied to UZ Law faculty dean Innocent Maja, Vice Chancellor Paul Mapfumo as well as the chairperson of the Council for Legal Education Justice Sylvia Chirau-Chigomba and Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda. Nduna’s letter dated April 1, 2022 reads in part:

We enrolled for the programme with the understanding that it was a part-time programme that would allow us to have lessons during the weekend and after hours as per the advert flighted by the UZ (not the faculty).

It seems that the faculty leadership is now a law unto themselves and a lot of conflicts of interest seem to be the motivating factor behind decisions (scrapping the BLS programme as part-time) being made.

Whether it is professional/ethical or standard UZ policy to tell students to make private arrangements and engagements with individual lecturers so as to negotiate with them for lectures, and if this does not open them to sexual harassment, extortion, etc as the issue for demanding financial inducements by lecturers seems to be taking root at the UZ and the authorities seem to be condoning it under false pretences that these are merely operational issues under the purviews of faculties.

Is this not another way of facilitating deplorable practices?

It may begin to seem that the removal of weekend BLS lectures may have other motives as it was indicated that the lecturers can make other arrangements outside the auspices of the UZ, this involves the payment of inducements and incentives to the lecturers, particularly those teaching languages under the guise that they don’t teach during the weekends.

Where does this leave those students who are part-time? Is this not a ploy to facilitate the conducting/forcing of these students into these choreographed and well-orchestrated extra lessons?

UZ law faculty department chairperson Fredrick Hamadziripi and the UZ faculty of law dean Maja both refused to comment on the corruption allegations when contacted by The Standard.

Mapfumo, the UZ vice chancellor, said he was not aware of the subject.

Acting registrar Munyaradzi Madambi said he was in a meeting when contacted for comment on Friday and could not comment on the matter.

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2 months ago

Someone is facing an exit door

Vaye vaye 2 months ago

No such thing will happen, those leaking the papers have become a law unto themselves and the responsible authorities just don't give a f**k. Why would they care their children go to universities outside the country

2 months ago

That's why those with UZ qualifications are not trusted to be genuine qualified just like Grace's PhD.

Gwedu 2 months ago

really? I Feel 100% lie. Just that you don't have one maybe that why you think that way.

Tateguru 2 months ago

Dexter Nduna questioned well. The only problem is Dindingwe rinonaka richakweya iro, kana rokweviwa roti mavara azadzwa ivhu

Mai Noku 2 months ago

This marks the death of all UZ qualifications regardless of whether you're cheated in obtaining them or not. Those with cross-border degress, such as UNISA, stand a better chance in terms of international recognition of qualifications and those with qualifications other than the UZ ones will become more preferable for employment. I feel sorry for those who were honesty and genuine throughout their studies at UZ as they are not spared if employers and the international community chose to discredit all UZ qualification. PLEASE LET'S SAVE OUR EDUCATION. IWE NENI TINE BASA. ASANTE SANE !!

2 months ago

The issue here is for us as concerned citizens to uproot corruption in our country. Zanu Pf has orchestrated all this mess by glorifying corruption in our nation, its corruption everywhere. Ngativhotereiwo rimwe bato tochitangira ipapo kumba nyika yedu. Onaiwo Zambia chaiyo yave nehupenyu huts a since the new ruling party took the reigns. Ma roads avo agadzirwa, education system yavo yachinja. Corruption yaderera nekuti president wavo mutsva a rikuda kuvaka nyika zvino kwedu kuno humbavha chete.

Gwedu 2 months ago

Not anytime soon....UZ will remain the best university in this country. Even if you say what you may want but the case here is that, the regime want to make some stuff changes to uproot all the Mugabe era members. MSU offers degrees for free did you ask that? ZOU all those degrees most of them are done by someone, Most universities in this country are commercializing their programs for money. I wish you go to UZ and make your studies there, tell me if academic life is easy. You will work unlike from other universities. Here let's put private universities aside for they have their own private issues too. The best remains at the mountain!!

2 months ago

Higher education now a joke. People bribing to get a barchelors or masters or phd degree, ndo the same people who will run instutions and companies expecting kuti dzikure and run effeciently but zvinodhakwa and they collapse yet munhu achizviti ane Phd in Strategic management or whatever degree. Regai senyika tive pano, you even doubt those in gvt positions kuti havana kuita bribe themselves to get those qualifications munhu achitakarara kuti rtgs rirambe richishanda


Registered Voter 2 months ago

it is true all politicians are coming from UZ even the CCCS wiwa and nero vamunoda. They bribe their way to degrees since vane influence.

. 2 months ago

Nhai vanhuwee Argentina vs Mexico zvakapera sei

2 months ago

Usanyepere vanhu iwe UZ yadhakwa pama standard MSU ndoine chimuti so far

2 months ago

Argentina 2 Mexico 0

🙄 2 months ago

MoreS.e.xUniversity(MSU) yakagwina chimuti kare. UZ hapachina apa except for medical school chete.
VenuMoreS.e.xUniversity vanopondana nyini during their refreshing time but books vachirova havo. UZ yava yemadubious zanu leaders who are there to get dubious qualifications chete.

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