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Use Of Hand-held Spikes By Police Officers Banned [FT]

Use Of Hand-held Spikes By Police Officers Banned [FT]

The Commissioner-General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Godwin Matanga has directed police officers manning roads to stop using hand-held spikes. In a statement, seen by Pindula News, national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner, Paul Nyathi, said any police officer who will defy the directive will be arrested. Reads the statement:


The Commissioner-General of Police has noted with concern allegations that some police officers are using hand held spikes whilst trying to stop some errant motorists from evading Police checkpoints and general enforcement of road rules and regulations in the country.

These allegations have resulted in varied views from the public including parliamentarians. In this regard, the Commissioner General of Police has with immediate effect banned the use of hand held spikes by any Police officers whilst performing traffic enforcement duties throughout the country. Any police officer who will defy this directive will be arrested and face both criminal and stern disciplinary action. No police officer will be allowed to move around whilst openly holding or carrying spikes under the guise of traffic enforcements.

Police commanders at various levels have been ordered to ensure that this directive is strictly complied with, by police officers. The Zimbabwe Republic Police will only stick to the use of standard and approved spikes as the norm where these are strategically used at conventional road blocks and checkpoints.

The spikes are laid down on the ground with certified specification to assist police officers to control motorists who will try to evade roadblocks by driving through the roadblocks or sideways and in the process pose as a danger to other motorists, the general public and police officers.

The police also appeals to drivers to stop whenever directed to do so by police officers on the roads. We have observed that in major cities such as Harare and Bulawayo some kombis and pirate taxis especially those with no number plates do not stop at police roadblocks or police checkpoints. This makes it difficult for police officers to either arrest or trace them to account for their illegal activities.

On the other hand, the police has noted with concern that there are some public service vehicle drivers and pirate taxis who get involved in road traffic accidents or openly go through red robots (traffic lights) and later on claim they were running away from police officers or a spike has been thrown at them. In most cases initial enquiries have revealed that they will be trying to cover up for their criminal conduct.

In the same vein, the police urges all public service vehicle operators to seriously intros ect on the manner the are conducting their operations in the country and genuinely assist in the maintenance of law and order on the roads. The recent pronouncement by His Excellence President ED Mnangagwa on the operations of public service vehicles should be a guide on the need to ensure that PSV drivers and crew are strictly adhering to the laws of the country.

Therefore there is no need for transport operators to put money first at the expense of the travelling public. It is a fact that law and order and business go hand in hand. This means that public service operators should be beacons of peace and law and order in all their activities.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is ready to work with the relevant arms of Government and other stakeholders to ensure that road safety is prioritised by all motorists. (Nyathi. P) Assistant Commissioner

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Ndini ndrikubvunza 1 month ago

ko nhai ndrikunzwa kuti macombie avhurirwa muHarare ichokwadi her

yep 1 month ago

urip huya utore combi Hre to Seke ndoda 80per day

Tkt 1 month ago

Zvakagara yaingova Attempted Murder yaiitwa nana porisi avo. Vana msoro bhangu, Commissioner vangoona kuti manyana avo anga pedzwa nana bhambi vemakombi vadai kuvhurirwa ava bcoz vana tsaga ava vanotoku wachisa fair worse vaka tsemurwa nezvinhu so haa ma1 chaiwo

Asalif 1 month ago

they should just be off the road as well kuchawanikwa migweje yemota here on the country's roads because of these ex Japan cars it's impossible to see a peageot 404 on the road or AVM bus you count a few

@ 1 month ago

it has been said over and over again,its like a game to them,a few years ago the same spike ban was put in place,somehow down the line we saw the same banned spikes killing innoccent souls on the roads,saka its only a matter of time until it gets promoted again...typical zim laws!­čÖî


Jinn 1 month ago

It's too late, innocent souls has been lost

Smokin on top5 1 month ago

Good move
However we will miss beating up rinenge rakandira kombi maSpike

Scotch 1 month ago

Is our zim law and courts reliable to in force judicial outcome especially to our uniformed forces cause this issue it's not the first time declared use of spikes and window screens crashing is unlawful.... What if they use it again after this court order what will happen to the police , l don't think its something we can say job well done to the courts cause history will repeat it's self on this issue my fellow country man

(Nyathi P) Assistant Commissioner 1 month ago


police in mushika shika business 1 month ago

it shows that u are not intouch with how these combi crews cash unoti Fit inotakura 6vanhu tokupa 5usd after collecting 6usd so inini ndowana dhora pakutakura vanhu wewe wowana 5usd manje so zvasiyaneiko nekuiparker motor yacho,kutishandira

zim 1 month ago

investment in b cars and bikes is a solution. cameras can be handy

ABSA 1 month ago

from smashing of windscreens to spikes caused problem to Motorist they are planning another bad idea lets wait en see.

jah 1 month ago

ko pama roadblock fanika yepana Chiremba pa Chans toramba tichipa police ma US $2

E.g john chibhadura 1 month ago

Eeee ipapo rambai muchivapa ma$2 iwayo nekumwe kwese kwamaivapa mari hapana chambochinja ipapo

(Nyathi. P) Assistant Commissioner 1 month ago


sithabile ziyapapa moyo 1 month ago

how ironic...the blind eyes of justice and the long arm of the law...
most often than not ,this is what occurs when custodians of the law become overzealously barbaric & insensitive in the dispensation of jungle law...­čśŐ

Officer V. Ketero 1 month ago

Noted with thanks. Ko mawindscreen emakombi tiri kubvumirwa kurova here nema baton sticks ?

MushikashikaDriver 1 month ago

@Commissioner your police officers are very corrupt,we bribe them and they take something to feed their families.The truth even RTGS$100,000 is not enough for my small family.

(Nyathi. P) Assistant Commissioner 1 month ago


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