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USA Adds President Mnangagwa's Son On Sanctions List

USA Adds President Mnangagwa's Son On Sanctions List

The United States of America Monday announced it was adding four Zimbabwean people, including the son of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, to the sanctions list.

The U.S. Treasury Department also announced it was hitting two companies with penalties for their roles in undermining democracy and facilitating high-level corruption.  Those sanctioned include Emmerson Mnangagwa, Jr., who is said to have been in charge of his father’s business interests related to a prominent businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei and his Sakunda Holdings company.  The sanctions freeze any assets the targets may have in U.S. jurisdictions and bar Americans from doing business with them. In a statement seen by Pindua News, the Treasury said:

We urge the Zimbabwean government to take meaningful steps towards creating a peaceful, prosperous, and politically vibrant Zimbabwe, and to address the root causes of many of Zimbabwe’s ills: corrupt elites and their abuse of the country’s institutions for their personal benefit.

The goal of sanctions is behaviour change. 

Today’s actions demonstrate our support for a transparent and prosperous Zimbabwe.

In addition to Mnangagwa, Monday’s sanctions target Tagwirei’s wife, Sandra Mpunga; Nqobile Magwizi, and Obey Chimuka, along with the two companies, Fossil Agro and Fossil Contracting.  All of them are connected to Tagwirei and Sakunda Holdings.

The Treasury Department added that the sanctions demonstrate the United States’ continued commitment to act in support of a transparent and prosperous Zimbabwe. 

It also said that U.S. sanctions do not target the Zimbabwean people, the country of Zimbabwe, or Zimbabwe’s banking sector.

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1 month ago

vamwe vanhu varikuti ngaabve

mhofu 1 month ago

zvotendwa izvo which means havachatenderwi chero kubata mari yeku America handiti;moshandisa marands nemabond gore rino 👏👏👏

Maparamuro 1 month ago

@mhofu ukaenda kumba kwe vanhu vese avo vari pamasanctions unonowana ma drum akazara ma US$. Ma sanctions kwavari haana basa ayo, vanoita zvavanoda nekuenda kwavanoda. Mari ndiyo inotonga and ndiyo yavanayo yakawanda. Nhamo ndeyagu ini newe tinorarama nekukorokoza.
Sanctions disempower everyone else except the elite. Think of why the MPs accepted the $40k loans, they are dependent on zanupf goodwill and will never launch a serious challenge on zanupf because they fear losing their source of income.
Tichasvinura zvedu with time and realise these sanctions will never work for us

mhofu 1 month ago

saka American ngayiwuyise masoja ayo azobata vanhu sevakaita ku Libya, Afghanistan;Iran

TT 1 month ago

Add levels and shashl too

Plumtree 1 month ago


MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Muchiswerotsva madehenya enyu zuva rese muchishandiswa nevanhu vanenge vakatandavara havo kudzimba dzavo. USA haisi kudzora tsvimbo kusvika maita zviri kuda. Kanganwa henyu zveCommonwealth

Fairness 1 month ago

What help does it bring to the country, because these guys are already wealthy

1 month ago

kkkkkkkkkkkk sanction ma1 , , , , , , but vanongochinjaa plan votamba neRussia neChina marii dzavo hadzipere isuu tichitamburaa tisina maSanction

John chibadura 1 month ago

Dai Russia ne China zvaibatsira dai munangangwa asiri kuedza kuwirirana ne America

Doug 1 month ago

A few days ago we were told that reengagement is on course and we have been invited to America, and a few days later there is an addition to the list of targeted people for sanctioning. What do the Americans know what we the ordinary Zimbabweans do not know for them to boldly carry out such actions?

1 month ago

Baba, CIA yakasiyana netuma CTen twedu. Vanoziva zvakawanda. Chero nyama yàigochwa naED paSherwood nezuro vaitoiona. Kana zviri kuitika muZANU politburo vanozviziva. Hayo chiyangwa akazofumurwa naMugabe atengesa secret dzeZANU

Ghostface killah 1 month ago

to those vaiti ma sanctions akuuraya nyika ... yell us how
cause it seems like they are only targeying people who they say are "corrupt"

Maparamuro 1 month ago

@ghostface those companies under sanctions do not employ foreigners, they employ Zimbabweans. In Zimbabwe we have what is called extended family which means the families and extended families are all affected.
It does not end there, the sanctioned elite are the richest people in Zimbabwe and run most of the businesses in the country or have shares that means all those companies will be affected.

Sorojena 1 month ago

You cannot continue voting for saction tagged political's self-defeat. Come 2023 vote CCC for change. Nhamo yemuZimbabwe iZanu pf, inemashavi akaipa kwazvo.


1 month ago

Ko vasiirei mumwe wacho uyu, onini, uyu wekutenga Bugatti Veyron yeUS$3 million?

1 month ago

@Doug if you don't know you don't know.

🙄 1 month ago

Thank you America. Dzemurai more of these black vapambepfumi nemamwe masanctions. Vagoziva kuti hurumende yavo yakaisvoshata kudarika yasatan weRoma.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Same USA supports the Israeli apartheid gvt that is decimating the Palestinian people, supports Saudi Arabia one of the worst dictatorships on earth, same USA destroyed Iraq and Libya just so they could freely loot their resources, invaded Afghanistan for 20years for same reason to loot.
Sanctions have absolutely nothing to do with human rights or good governance but are all about American interests.


Mafirakureva 1 month ago

We aren't discussing American Foreign Policy. Their foreign policy is dictated by their interests. Our foreign policy should be likewise. if Americans are not interested in doing business with Tagwireyi. why should we force them to? period.

abx 1 month ago

nhema dzako iwe l

money 1 month ago

dai zvaiitwa nemurungu dai zviri transparent imika.Ukaona vamwe baba vakuti mararamiro andikuita nemhuri yangu sandiwo vane interest mumusha mangu.That is what killed John Magufuli from Tanzania.Mune dambudziko muZimbabwe but kana USA yakuda kuita solve our issues ndoyava problem

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Nonsense. The targeted companies employ Zimbabwean people therefore they become targets, not only the employees of the companies but their families and extended families all who benefit from the employees become targets.

Behaviour change is a noble idea but the method being used to achieve it is not the best and for 20+ years has failed to yield the desired result. Only fools keep repeating the same thing expecting a different result.
Sanctions actually give the targeted elite a free ticket to looting, they have become the richest people in Zimbabwe under these sanctions. Time to review the method because it has failed..
Targeting Mnangagwa Jr simply means he uses his siblings and other relatives to do his businesses that are affected by the sanctions or he may even hire someone to do the transactions for him and pay him handsomely for that.
Sanctions have failed and will continue to fail. Too many unemployed people in Zimbabwe and can be used by the targeted elite when required.

Vesto 1 month ago

@Maparamuro your logic is warped and your diatribe requires a dissertation to refute. However I will zero in on a couple of issues.

First, if sanctions were a failure, you wouldn't give a fig and you wouldn't be complaining.

Second, that Tagwireyi and Emerson Jnr. employ a few people in a country where unemployment is at 95% is neither here nor there. If the country was suitably led, employment levels should be @90% plus. We wouldn't be in the mess we are in.

Third. Sanctions or no sanctions looting continues unabated. Emerson Jnr. hasn't started looting today because he was added to the sanctions list yesterday. Ditto the rest of them.

Defending corruption because someone employs a few people (cronies by the way), is the height of depravity

Maparamuro 1 month ago

@vesto I am not sanctioned and am not complaining but simply stating facts of which you agree maybe without knowing.
You agree that the people employed by Mnangagwa Jr and Tagwirei are affected by sanctions and yet they are not the intended targets.
You agree zanupf has become even more brutal under these sanctions which means the objective of changing behaviour has not been achieved in more than 20 years.
The looting has been intensified under these sanctions you agree.

So how are these sanctions working???
Where are we disagreeing???

Vesto 1 month ago

@Maparamuro please don't put words into my mouth.
I don't agree employees of Tagwireyi are affected by sanctions. They are affected, like me, by corruption, nepotism poor governance.

I don't agree that ZANU has become more oppressive because of sanctions. Oppressiveness us within the DNA of ZANU, sanctions or no sanctions. corruption, poor governance and selfishness is an integral part of ZANU, with or without sanctions.

looting by ZANU has always been there for 43vyests. Well before sanctions were promulgated. ZANU brutality started even before 1980 - intimidation was one reason why ZANU won in 1980. it became worse with Gukurahundi. I shall nor talk about repression of ZUM, MDC, etc.


Maparamuro 1 month ago

@Vesto read to understand not just to disagree, I never said zanupf has become more brutal because of sanctions but under sanctions. USA says its imposing sanctions to force zanupf to change its behaviour, looking at the situation in Zim, Zanupf has not changed one bit, has become more oppressive and looting got worse.
If the behaviour has not changed and is getting worse then these sanctions have failed, how can you miss that? USA set a target and that target has not been achieved in 20+years and you see success in that??

Useless Sanctions 1 month ago

The sanctions do not benefit the ordinary Zimbabwean.They only prevent the targeted individuals from transacting in their names, they will obviously continue transacting using other names and proxies.

Vesto 1 month ago

You agree zanupf has become even more brutal under these sanctions "

so said Maparamuro, A statement he is now disowning.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

@Vesto : under sanctions does not mean because of sanctions. I still stand by that statement.
USA sanctioned zanupf in an attempt to force a change of behaviour which meant allow democracy to prevail, stop the looting and corruption, under the sanctions conditions zanupf has become more repressive, closed the democratic space even more, continued looting and corruption therefore the sanctions have failed dismally, the ordinary person has not benefited, the sanctioned is not affected so the sanctions are of no use.
Chii chaurikupokana nacho apa

Bcg 1 month ago

Biden nshamwari dzako machend. enyu hatichiswe naizvozvo takabva kure wangu nhamo taijaira ****, imbwa siyayi Zimbabwe mutonge America

Zuze 1 month ago

@Bcg, zvagwabvura

Tirikubatwa Kumeso 1 month ago

The so called targeted sanctions are not designed to help us ordinary Zimbabweans. There are there to protect US foreign interests. Chombo looted left right and centre, left Harare City Council in a total mess but he has now been removed from the sanctions list.
He can now enjoy his loot in peace!!

Bcg 1 month ago

Biden nshamwari dzako machend. enyu hatichiswe naizvozvo takabva kure wangu nhamo taijaira ****, imbwa siyayi Zimbabwe mutonge America

Bcg 1 month ago

Biden nshamwari dzako machend. enyu hatichiswe naizvozvo takabva kure wangu nhamo taijaira ****, imbwa siyayi Zimbabwe mutonge America

Analysis and comment 1 month ago

To those who say sanctions are not affecting the whole nation,you.are right but.the disaster is you dont.have full idea on what is meant by sanction .
If it doesn't affect the whole nation why do they put them on place.
It wise to.learn and study kuti masaction acho arikubata panezvipi nezvipi zvacho.
Why is it asimuka wese ndiye anopihwa.masanction ?
Meaning to say kana urimwana waPresident.or.President you.must not use your ideas to.make money.
Most of us we are ignorant on how to make money.
Madzibaba edu.pakanzi kunotora minda vakaramba vakagara.Nhasi toona vakatora minda toti icorruption.
Do you.want those with ideas on how to relax waiting for those who are ignorant to have knowledge .
Pakanzi indigenisation.impowerment zvairevei.Makazvishoora but zvikaitwa nevakazvitenda moti corruption .
Let's find ways to.make money not ear marking each.and every time.
Do you know that you spend.24hours reading someone's speach but iye acgipedza kuposter patweeter anoenda kubussiness rinopa hupenyu.
Politics it's not hourly program .hakuna munhu anorarama nadzo .
Advocate Chamisa and President ED are both business people .their time.they spend it on their business .
Do you.thing advocate Chamisa doesn't have projects which made him .If you trace properly you will see that he is a dealer . issue of knowing how to make money .

ZIFA 1 month ago

Let's jus hope Der won't sanction Highlanders and Dynamos kkkkk😂🤣

aaaa 1 month ago

Shuwa kti kugona mbavha kuirongera dzanyanya mbavha dzezanu dzanga dzakutorukuruta maJuniya isu tichidya nhoko dzezvironda

patriot 1 month ago

it's ordinary Zimbabweans who suffer and not the political elites

Dofo 1 month ago

@BCG usati nhamo "TAIJAIRA" ndiwe waijaira msoro bhangu

Sanctions are not benefiting us 1 month ago

There is nothing called targeted sanctions, sanctions affect all of us.Fossil Contracting is involved in the construction of Mbudzi roundabout, if sanctions increase their cost structures this will be passed on to the taxpayer.
Isnt the Fossil Group the one that recently acquired major shareholding in Lafarge?

Povo yaramba 1 month ago

What are the benefits of these so called targeted sanctions to ordinary Zimbabweans? Chombo who looted left, right and centre, created the mess we are in Harare City has now been removed from the sanctions.He can now enjoy his loot in peace and if he so wishes travel to USA!

Maparamuro 1 month ago

@vesto you don't want me to put words in your mouth but that's what you are doing to me.
There is nowhere in my post where I justified corruption or said sanctions made zanupf more brutal, I don't know where you are getting that from.
Am saying sanctions have failed in their intended objective to force zanupf to change its behaviour. Iwe paurikupokana ndashaya kuti ndepapi.

ABCD 1 month ago

ma zimbabwe tose tofanirwa kubatana and tell ma Americans kuti ma sanctions Aya do not work and ars not working .

ED MaHwindi pfee 1 month ago

Ma leaders kana usina jumbo shungurudzirwa Hama ne Zanu unoti ma sanctions akaipa but kazvakaitika mumhuri menyu unoototi wedzerai Dai vangoti Vose vanotevera vapambe pfumi vechitema ngavapinde mushamhu ye sanction

Vesto 1 month ago

"Sanctions actually give the targeted elite a free ticket to looting, they have become the richest people in Zimbabwe under these sanctions"

Maparamuro quoted verbatim.

k 1 month ago

pakanaka kana maona seni

War vet 1 month ago

MaZanu marwadziwa shuwa muchafa ne Bp

mafanta 1 month ago

thereby giving them more room to loot

Sir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

Thank you America for doing such good thing to those who are abuse ththe right of hhuman including to brutalize, misuse public fufund and so on. Put more sanction on zanupf leadership include their cchildrens and wife's

1 month ago

Soo Chombo is less corrupt than Mnangagwa

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