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US$5.8 Million Cottco Fraud: Harare Magistrate Set To Give Ruling On Wadyadyena & Co. Application

US$5.8 Million Cottco Fraud: Harare Magistrate Set To Give Ruling On Wadyadyena & Co. Application

Harare regional magistrate Mr Taurai Manwere is on October 21 expected to give a ruling on Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator Mayor Justice Wadyajena’s application challenging his placement on remand, The Herald reported.

Wadyajena is accused of fraud and money laundering involving more than US$5.8 million allegedly misappropriated at Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco).

The ZANU PF legislator and his company Mayor Logistics are jointly charged with suspended Cottco bosses Pius Manamike, Maxmore Njanji, Fortunate Molai, Chiedza Danha and her company, Pierpoint Moncroix.

They allegedly used US$5 834 000 meant for importing bale ties to import trucks, buy fuel and make an assortment of other payments that had nothing to do with the ties.

Through their lawyer, Mr Oliver Marwa, Wadyajena and his company were back in court on Wednesday where they reiterated that there was no link between them and the offence and their co-accused. Marwa argued:

The State has not quarrelled with points raised in paragraphs 28 to 33 of our application. We therefore find that those paragraphs to be proved as admitted in application.

If there is no link between accused and offence, the consequence is they are non-suited and cannot spend a minute longer on remand

Mr Marwa told the court that Wadyajena and his company showed their protest to their placement on remand when they notified the State of their intentions to contest this formally. 

Danha and her company, Pierpoint Moncroix, also said it was unclear how Danha had direct control of Pierpoint Moncroix in State papers.

Their lawyer Mr Harrison Nkomo, said Danha and her company did not launder any proceeds of any crime, nor benefited from the truck imports as alleged, therefore, they shouldn’t be placed on remand.

They are also expected back in court on October 21, for a ruling on their applications.

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Poorvho 1 month ago

Dont be suprised by the MagistratefoED's ruling. Check this space on 21st October 2022

Munya 1 month ago

Case closed

Ghostface Killah 1 month ago


Tawanda 1 month ago

this catch and release should come to an end why wasting your time you rotten judges presiding over cases when no one got imprisoned even if they're found guilty we all know that some people are untouchable even if they're guilty garai marega kuvasunga vangoramba vachiba zvakubhowa zvekusunga muchisiya vanhu munenge mambovasungireiko

Sir 1 month ago

Ko Rushwaya urip

Lion from woods 1 month ago

Case closed

xyz 1 month ago

judgEd .case closed

zyx 1 month ago



aaaa 1 month ago

ngadzivharirwe mbavha idzi plz plz

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