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US$19K Raised Towards Buying Chamisa A New Car

US$19K Raised Towards Buying Chamisa A New Car

About US$19 000 out of the targeted US$120 000 has been raised through a gofundme campaign for the purpose of buying a new car for Nelson Chamisa, the leader of opposition MDC Alliance.

The initiative was launched following an attack on Chamisa’s convoy last week in Masvingo where he went to commence his Provincial tour.

It also comes as there was allegedly an assassination attempt on Chamisa in Mutare this Tuesday.

MDC Alliance says this was a second assassination attempt in 7 days on Chamisa.

This is happening as Zimbabwe is preparing for the 2023 general elections and MDC Alliance believes “The resort by the regime to political violence is designed to send a chilling effect to citizens who are forming a broad alliance to win Zim for change in 2023.”

The crowdfunding initiative started by one T. Basvi (popularly known as Mudhara B) will be registered in the USA and is led by an audited committee.

Basvi said the initiative was started as it had been “clear that the regime wants to continue to frustrate democracy by attacking the main opposition.” Added Basvi:

The recent attacks (described below) showed that the regime wants to injure or cause serious harm to Adv. Nelson Chamisa.

As diaspora community of Zimbabwe (and friends) we want to send a clear message of solidarity by replacing Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s vehicle which was destroyed during the recent attacks orchestrated by the regime in Masvingo. 
Together as the diaspora community, we felt this is one way we can support the democracy agenda from afar.


Nelson Chamisa has received countless merciless attacks from the ruling party, aided by the government security sector.
On 11th October 2021, his motor vehicle convoy was ambushed and attacked by a marauding group of the ruling party’s youths, an attack that left his vehicles damaged and many of his aides seriously injured and hospitalized. The convoy was on its way to engaging the rural community to understand their issues in the aftermath of the pandemic’s 3rd wave. 
As we draw closer to 2023  we foresee a likelihood of increased attacks on him and other aides in the run-up to 2023.

As concerned global citizens, we have come up with this initiative to raise funds for the purchase of an amour plated vehicle as well as security apparel for his safety and securit


This initiative is for all global citizens and is apolitical. It is about providing safety and security for Nelson Chamisa for the advancement of Zimbabwe’s democracy agenda. 

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