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US Dollar Allowances For Village Heads

US Dollar Allowances For Village Heads

ZANU PF has promised village heads that with effect from July 2022, they will receive US dollar allowances while Government will also increase their monthly salaries in Zimbabwe dollars.

Addressing village heads, headmen and chiefs, who had gathered for a meeting of ZANU PF structures in Tsholotsho on Wednesday, ZANU PF Second Secretary Kembo Mohadi said that with effect from this month, village heads will receive US$50 in allowances. Said Mohadi:

As village heads, you are working hard yet what youÔÇÖre getting is not reflective of the amount of work done.

The Ministry of Local Government officials are here and for those of you not yet registered, you must go to the DDC and be registered as soon as possible.

We noted that the money you are getting is no longer of much value so it has been decided that it be increased, most likely doubled.

Over and above that, you shall get US$50 per month effective this month.

There are 36 000 village heads in Zimbabwe. However, some of them have not been receiving salaries because they are not registered.

The meeting was also attended by Tsholotsho Senator, Alice Dube, Tsholotsho South and North House of Assembly representatives, Musa Ncube and Retired Brigadier General Sibangumuzi Khumalo, respectively.

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poorvho 1 month ago

Vanhu vacharoyana vakapera, nhaka nenyaya ye Yusa yadayi kupromiswa.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Ehe vapeyi handiti ma election akusvika here, kana apera movapa rtgs

Nimrod 1 month ago

Ko ma civil servants dololo?

User 1 month ago

What about those who spent sleepless nights at vetting quees.
Sasibaboleka lemali zokugada phela


This is a case of vote buying. But it is already too late. Citizens have already made up their minds. They seriously want real change and not pseudo change.





village girl 1 month ago

Ngaiuye mari yemasabhuku iyo tigovadyawo

Zvazvanga zvingori 1 month ago

He willfully violated the Constitution,for it says chiefs should be non partisan,did he mean that party funds were going to be used to pay chiefs or what.If he meant govt funds then he sold out big time,the idea that was said by Fortune Charumbira that chiefs are Zanu

yellow 1 month ago

ko ingopaika vanhu yusa as salary not allowance zvipere panekusvaya vanhu kkkk

Wage bill 1 month ago

Wage bill

the seed 1 month ago

vote buying. tagara tinovapa mbudzi mundufu kuno. Dai mati wedzerei isvike pa $250 us

Sabhuku Vharazipi 1 month ago

Magona ndichakuvhoterai nebhuku rangu rode anenge apikisa ndomudzinga

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