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Update: Police Speak On Bulawayo Kombi - Haulage Truck Accident

Update: Police Speak On Bulawayo Kombi - Haulage Truck Accident

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed an accident that occurred in Bulawayo after a commuter Omnibus (kombi) collided with a haulage truck Tuesday morning.

 Six people were killed and 11 others hospitalised.

The kombi was coming from Pumula South carrying commuters when it collided with the moving heavy goods truck at the intersection of Khami Road and Masiyephambili, close to the Nkulumane Complex.

National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said:

The ZRP confirms a fatal road traffic accident which occurred at the intersection of Masiyephambili and Khami Road today at 5AM where six people died while 11 others were injured.

A non-Zupco Toyota Hiace kombi with 17 occupants went through a red robot (traffic light) and rammed into a moving truck before it was trapped between the horse and trailer and dragged for about 30 metres.

The kombi landed on its roof.

Six people were already dead when the Bulawayo Fire Brigade arrived at the scene at 5.55 AM, 10 minutes after getting the call, a spokesman said.  The spokesman said:

The Brigade extricated the trapped and the commuter omnibus was turned to stand on its wheels using a winch.

Three ambulances ferried the injured to Mpilo Central Hospital.

Kombis are banned from carrying commuters, except for those registered with monopoly transporter ZUPCO, but the government’s failing public transport system forces many to use “mshika-shika” – unlicenced transporters to get to work.

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Byo TMM 2 weeks ago

MarkX le corolla futhi izolo masvingo mbalabala Road

Orodhi pumura 3 weeks ago

Orodhi pumura

Eren yeager 3 weeks ago

Aripo makombi mai complainer, abviswa maakucomplainer, hatiziwi zvatoda tangojaira kucomplainer chete!! No wonder why we going nowhere! @ least tine wanhu wanofunga saana jah tsvarie awo, dai tese taiita zvaakaita instead of kuchema pano do u think they would ignore forever?

BUOY 3 weeks ago

red robbot


Mqo 3 weeks ago

R. I. P all the blame goes to Zupco

3310 2 weeks ago

Why zupco

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

I inboxed Zupco on Facebook last week Thursday telling them about the problem we face as commuters.
We start work at 7am, we get to the bus stop at 05:30 but get the bus at 06:20 to get into town then another from town to industry, which will be too late.

Before this Zupco thing we had kombis taking us to industry at 06:15 get there 06:45 😂 ndokuti nyika inovakiwa nevene vayo not zvatirikuitirwa ne Zupco they have no system...

The Boy Who Saw 🛸 UFOs 3 weeks ago

We just don't want monopoly

Eren yeager 3 weeks ago

Are u saying u want kombis back?

Bvanyangu 3 weeks ago

Its true zupco is failing to deliver, but worse scenario is the carelessness of these unregistered kombis. not only carelessness but risk of rapists and armed robbers.
we're caught in between, Hobson's choice.

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