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UPDATE: "Missin Teen Girl" Helen Dirani Has Been Found


A High school student, Helen Dirani, 18, who was previously reported missing has been found, her family said in an update.

She had reportedly left home in the exclusive neighbourhood of Shawasha Hills in Harare to go for a jog on the morning of April 17 – and she was never seen again.

Her family has since launched a public appeal for her safe return. In an update on the night of Saturday 30 April, her sister, who uses the name Haz on Twitter, announced that Helen had been found. She said:

Thank you all for the help and support, my sister has been found. Very much indebted.

We thank you all for the effort you put in helping us finding Helen. Your retweets, shares and other various publicity ways really were very much useful. Helen was found near Epworth after she reached out to her brother. At the moment she does not recall how she got there to her little recollection, it was after some lady saw her roaming the streets and notified her that she is being flighted as a missing person.

That lady is the one who gave her a phone and she reached out. Indeed, the publicity went an extra mile and we would like to thank each and everyone that shared as well as those who were with us in thought and prayer, THANK YOU

Some urged the family to consult health practitioners concerning the issue of not recalling some events. 

Some who had missed the details of where, and how she was found became curious and started speculating. 

Some said Helen had eloped that why the family did not reveal where she was found and how she got there while some said she was being abused at home forcing her to leave unceremoniously, allegations that were strongly dismissed by Haz. She responded:

Get your facts right before coming here to tarnish my family’s image. Who was abusing her? Because pamba paaigara and paachiri kugara pamba pema biological parents ake (she lived at her biological parents’ house). I’d appreciate if you mention by name the “some” people you’re referring to.

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g 9 months ago

thank God akawanikwa... vapfanha vemazuvano havatembeke pamwe anga aenda kujoy akazoitiswa madrugs. drugs can make one lose memory

Joe Brownn 9 months ago

Thank God akawanika but obviously anga atizira zvake maybe zvakaramba cuz there's no way an 18 year old person can behave like a 3 year old.

👽 9 months ago

anga atizira munhu uyu

Dzvamu 9 months ago

Pachokwadi she had eloped, akura munhu uyu. Coz if all women her age were to behave like that mysteriously dissapearing we would indeed have a national crisis on our hands. Ngavataure shuwa she is an adult. This amnesia is a lie. Ngaaende kwachiremba aonekwe kuti ane zviri wrong paari here hapana chinoonekwa

Chawabvunza 9 months ago

Let us not fool one another. Cirmstances surrounding her leaving home and how she was found are very awkward and suspicious. No matter it hurts her sister, chances are that 80% she had eloped.


Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

Eloped is number 1, secondly maybe she had jogged to a boyfriend's place and forgot to come back home then lastly she partied the whole night with her boyfriend and forgot tocome back home 😂😂😂😂😂😂. These girls are extremely ****ually active and can do weird things to get **** regardless of the consequences.

aaaaa 9 months ago

anga atori kumukomana uyu


legend 9 months ago

anga aendakusleepoveer angakanganwa kumba sei uye kana anga abatwanechadzimira akatadza hre kukumbra munhu fon ofona pafon yemubereki wake haangatadz kuziva number yemubereki wake nemusoro kana anombopota achipenga

Mkanya 9 months ago

She had eloped.... Period

bvanyangu 9 months ago

lets hope she's not pregnant

Daudi 9 months ago

Nema Morning After avekuzivikanwa nezera iri vabereki tiripanguva yakaoma.Unonzwa kachiti kumukomana 'tanga wanditengera maMorning After'.

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

Anowanzopera in Chinhoyi when CUT is open, tuvana twacho hayaaa. Kungodai chete hanzi tanga watenga morning after toita madeals ese boe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Ko iyi hombe yacho hamuitye nhai. Saka dira hako rizare 🥃🍾

Baba gumede 9 months ago

she had eloped obviously and the family is trying to cover up.

The King of Serpents 9 months ago

She probably was abducted by aliens and released after they finished "probing" her.

lol 9 months ago


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