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Update: Celebrity Make-up Artist And Her Sister Arrested Over Husband's Death

Update: Celebrity Make-up Artist And Her Sister Arrested Over Husband's Death

A make-up artist whose clients include some of Harare’s rich and famous has been arrested after her husband was found dead at their rented Greendale home early Saturday.

Tawanda Gregory Bobo, 41, was found hanging from a guava tree with two neckties at the Greengroove Drive house. Police believe the scene was staged after Bobo was found in a sitting position, with the jeans he was wearing disposed of in the dump 15 meters away.

The body had two neck-ties and a pair of trousers, soiled with faeces, was found near a garbage pit in the backyard.

The wife, Deliwe Chipo Mutandiro (30), together with her sister, Debra Mutandiro (38) have been arrested.

It is alleged that Deliwe left the house to attend to a wedding client in Ruwa around 3 am, and was informed about the death by her maid who discovered Tawanda’s body dangling from a 1.5m guava tree.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Julius Chakanza, confirmed the case, saying police were suspecting foul play. He told H-Metro:

Police are suspecting foul play in the death of a Greendale man who was found tied to a guava tree on Saturday.

Foul play is suspected and the deceased’s wife and her sister have been picked for questioning and are leading police with investigations.

Circumstances were that on 25 June, 2022, at around 0100 hours, the deceased, his wife and his wife’s sister, arrived home from work.

The now deceased and his wife proceeded to their bedroom.

After a few minutes, the two were heard arguing over an undisclosed matter, by their maid.

The maid intervened and the deceased was reported to have gone out of the house to feed his dogs.

At around 0300 hours, Deliwe and her sister left the house to attend to a client, who was having a wedding in Ruwa.

At around 0630 hours, a co-tenant saw the lifeless body hanging from a guava tree in the yard.

She alerted the maid who in turn advised Deliwe of the development.

The deceased’s mouth was swollen, one of his trousers was found in the bedroom with blood stains and another (pair of) trousers stained with poop was found in the yard near a garbage pit.

A kitchen knife was also found near the garbage pit, the maid last saw the deceased wearing the trousers found near the garbage pit.

Speaking to H-Metro yesterday, one of Deliwe’s co-tenants, said they were still traumatised. She said:

The first person who saw the body was my little sister and after that encounter she could not attend class and even up to now she is still traumatised…

This honestly doesn’t seem like a suicide because even if you check the tree where he was found hanging from, it doesn’t make sense.

Reports say Deliwe’s misunderstanding with Tawanda emanated from a party, where the former was found dancing seductively.

Deliwe and Debra are expected to appear in court today.

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