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Unregistered Govt Vehicles To Be Impounded - Police

Unregistered Govt Vehicles To Be Impounded - Police

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said there will be no sacred cows in an operation targeting unregistered, unlicensed and plate-less vehicles which started on Saturday.

Police Chief Superintendent Staff Officer, Blessmore Chishaka said Government-owned motor vehicles will not be receiving any preferential treatment during the operation.

Police have linked robberies, kidnappings, rape, murder among other serious crimes to criminals moving around driving unregistered and plate-less vehicles. Said Chishaka:

As we carry out this operation, the motoring public is advised that there are no exemptions as far as this operation is concerned.

All plate-less, unregistered and unlicensed motor vehicles will be impounded, and cases referred to court for prosecution including Government vehicles.

The operation is being conducted to account for criminals who are committing crimes using these plate-less, unregistered and unlicensed motor vehicles.

We continue to warn all those with criminal intentions that we will be ruthless with them in ensuring that sanity prevails on our roads.

On Sunday the ZRP said the operation started off with a total of 967 arrests being made countrywide on the first day, that is, Saturday.

784 vehicles were impounded and 179 motorists were fined for various offences while four others were issued with notices to appear in court (form 265), according to the police.


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adjudicator 4 months ago

Mukangovharira ma Wolf, nema GD6 asina msplates nemutero munge marema.
Musanyepere vanhu.
Kana dze Army chaidzo hamubati chinhu imi.

Zimzim 4 months ago

Dzingori nyaya tichifamba moremerwa nevanhu kokuzoti government hamulume hamuna chamunobata nyararai henyu

Tk 4 months ago

Hum hum vanongotaura ava zvima zupco hobho mungazvibata

Uhuru 4 months ago

Mukaisa Zupco mukati ndipo patichaziva kuti muri serious nesinhi renyu iri

Makelanwi 4 months ago

Mapurisa musabatiswe chidhina chinopisa.Mangwana ndimi munofuma makutransfeyewa

Tkt 4 months ago

Haaa zvakaoma veduwe transport problem iya yobva yaita worse as only a few ZUPCO buses have Number Plates, mmmm are you sure Officer you'll impound maDRAGON ese aya nekuwanda kwawo

Jr 4 months ago

CMED ndoimwe isisaisise maplates these days


Zodoc Chikaponya 4 months ago

Mukapedza ma sports apa ndokupayi sando

Vybz Kartel 4 months ago

Ndomanyepo aya

Bright 4 months ago

Kkkk ya paipa ndokti graft ka uku

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