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University Student Appeals For Help To Undergo Heart Surgery

University Student Appeals For Help To Undergo Heart Surgery

A first-year female student from Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) is appealing for financial assistance so that she can fly to India for medical attention for a heart condition.

Tariro Hodzi (20), was diagnosed with a heart problem two months ago and has been getting treatment at a hospital in Harare but doctors advised her to go to India for advanced treatment.

Tariro is currently studying social work at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University.

Her father, Simbai Hodzi, who stays at Mutoko Centre, said Tariro requires urgent cardiac surgery to repair the dysfunctional valves via a procedure called valve replacement surgery.

Unfortunately, the treatment is not available in Zimbabwe. Said Hodzi:

Tariro was diagnosed with a heart condition recently, the problem emanated after she started coughing and having difficulties in breathing and body swelling.

She was then referred to India by health professionals at a local hospital in Harare.

I failed to raise the needed money for the treatment to go to India and even to a local hospital where she was getting treatment.

His banking details are:

Simbai Hodzi
Bank name Steward Bank
Account number 1002281647

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Tari 3 months ago

Seriously though, why are you all mad at Cheryl. He/she did not insult anybody. I agree kut since its a church university they should pray so that she gets well. U'll be always praying in tongues for fokol😅😅😅, deep down u'll know kut praying in tongues is faking.

Nanae Goddess 4 months ago

Ngaende kwa Prophet Magaya zvopera

Headon 4 months ago

Cheryl uuuuu Satanist mungwarirei hope iwe uri made of steel and rubber haurwari uxhenjere kuuyisira Mai vako urwere or imwe close Hama nekuwomoka kwako .Adiii mwana anorwara anoda rubetsero if we can't help him let's shutup .Uriiiii 👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👺fuckyuuuuuuuuuu and yoooo money Satan goblin .........mwari munhu uuuuuuu kaaaa ,,,Sister we stand with you zvinoita chete izvozvi

MaFyt 4 months ago

You know ppl like @Cheryl deservw not a quarter of respect. Dai kachiri kare kangu na@Mboko tai dealer naye once & for all bcoz that is not acceptible at all. Misbegotten daughter of both a malnourished & misfortunate family, to hell with whatever your thoughts are

😴 4 months ago

@Cheryl. Not everyone at that university is a Christian or believes in divine healing as ZAOGA FIF believes. Remember that a few months ago some student took the university leadership to court. If I recall well the student was resisting kushandisawo kwemitemo yechurch in college administration. Achiti they can't deny me the right to be in student representative council because I don't speak in tounges. And the student won the case.

Nyaya iripo is just that this girl has to be helped awane mari yaari kuda chete.


Cheryl 4 months ago

It's a church university right? Let them pray for her. They say anything is possible with prayer, so yeah. It'll all workout with prayers. But who am I to say this. I'm just a malnourished idiot with nothing but a small phone and an econet simcard🎅

Tsivo! 4 months ago

haaa @cheryl mind you words bro ....prayers are powerful but zvimwe zvoda kutsigirwa financialy wankue dai watomboty vechurch vanofana kutova mberi pakubatsira nekuty ndizvo zvinoreva Bible ummm mashoko akoo andirwadza hako.

Zimbabwe🇿🇼 4 months ago

@Cheryl...Kana musina zvekposta ko kunyarara...where is yo humanity...

Arno 4 months ago

Cheryl you need prayers,send me an email on ndikunamatire

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