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Unidentified Flying Object Sighted In Gwanda

Unidentified Flying Object Sighted In Gwanda

An unidentified flying object (UFO) was reportedly spotted in Gwanda rural and urban on 20 January, residents told B-Metro in recent interviews.

According to Britannica, a UFO, also called a flying saucer, is any aerial object or optical phenomenon not readily identifiable to the observer.

The UFO supposedly sighted in Gwanda reportedly looked like a flying saucer, had multiple bright colours and exploded in the night sky.

A witness, Nkosi Emmanuel Moyo, told B-Metro that it took less than a minute for it to shoot through and leave a trail of light. He said:

I don’t know how to describe it but it was shiny and flashy with a trailing light of over 100 metres, it was scary because it was an unusual light in the sky and I saw it from the southern direction.

I am sure it must have been spotted by people as far as Filabusi.

Imagine sitting in a car all relaxed, knowing how dark it is in the rural areas and all of a sudden an unusual light pops up and it’s all glowing in the sky, it was scary. There was no time to even capture it.

Thulani Moyo of Filabusi described the UFO as “a rocket with fire on its back”. Said Moyo:

I can confirm that I witnessed a strange light travelling in the sky. It had a frightening explosion-like sound. Despite the clear skies, it sounded like rain thunder.

In March last year, a Chipinge man fell off his motorbike and was injured after witnessing an alleged UFO.

Narrating the incident from Chipinge District Hospital where he was being treated, 47-year-old Richman Myambo said:

I was travelling home on my motorbike at around 9 am when I witnessed a strange light travelling in the sky. I tried to concentrate on riding, but what made me fall was the sound that followed after the light. I then fell on the bike due to panic. I thought I was dying

I was 100% sober, but I was so confused because I thought I had encountered those strange things people see in dark and thick forests. The object looked like a rocket with fire on its back.

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R'G 4 months ago

have you ever red about the history of the first earoplane , the peoples reaction and beliefs , you will laugh but if it was you what would you have thought it was ?

Tanaka 4 months ago

I think if we're patient enough we'll get the news from NASA. I personally think they record almost everything that happens in and around our planet.

Coming soon 4 months ago

Guys what our country man saw is a meteorite at close proximity a meteorite appears and shoots in opposite direction producing a an almost fireworks display of colours and a missile like path ,and a rocket sound causes by rocket fuel .The sound is almost the same as the one produced by a jet plane or a rocket taking off at Kennedy space center.Almost explosion like sound the speed is flash speed.


sadney 5 months ago

This is the sign of the endtimes. Let's get ready for his second coming. Watch and pray.

👻 4 months ago

What end time is this guy talking about 😯😯😯

Daily prophecy 4 months ago

Nyaya yako yakanaka asi handione ichikwana apa ini ko iwe ma end time signs anoonekwa with few people sei ndovachaenda kudenga or pliz may yu explain

Zodoc Chikaponya 4 months ago

@ stranger, inonzi fear of the unknown iyoyo. Vanhu vakuto panicker 🤣🤣🤣

Stranger From the Forest 4 months ago

What "END TIMES" ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? if it was a rocket would that signal the end of the world? People have been spotting UFO's all over the world & IT'S IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED. PROBABLY someone was conducting a test flight or it could have been the ARMY or NASA, not ruling out the possibility of ALIENS😂 wandering about in our universe...

Chief 4 months ago

Amen. Wataura chokwadi

Bryie 5 months ago

The fact that witnesses heard an explosive sound means this UFO was flying at a speed faster than sound and what they heard could have been a sonic boom

Gaffer ✪ω✪ 5 months ago

I would Love to believe that it was a rocket on a space mission. Its almost impossible for something to be noticed by naked eyes without being caught on space cameras. NASA guys work 24/7 monitoring these things. I think Its a matter of time before we hear from the owners of the rocket. I personally believe it was NASA simply because they make frequent visits to their space station.

Stranger From the Forest 5 months ago


Stranger From the Forest 5 months ago


Gaffer ✪ω✪ 5 months ago

Just to add, the picture used by PINDULA does not reflect what the witnesses saw. I think this publication just took it from Google.

Stranger From the Forest 5 months ago


🥸 5 months ago


Tk 5 months ago

I also witnesd this thing long back ndiri kumusha in mash central around 8-9pm kuma 2012 or 2013

Daily prophecy 5 months ago

Iwe usatambe panodonha munhu pa motorbike kaa anenge aona

Daily prophecy 5 months ago

Its not only chemicals are being experimented here in Africa as they did on Ebola cases and so on they test every inventory object phones, flying objects and even cars
I am talking about Americans Chinese Japanese Russians mongovaziva vanhu vacho

Ag 5 months ago

Magoritoto hey

N 5 months ago

Kunyeba uko munhu wanga ato neta zvake

Tkt 5 months ago

The end is nigh, very soon before ccc yenyu iyo tests chimuti chezim leadership,

Ndini 5 months ago

Zvakutoda winky d
Chi extra

CCC 5 months ago

Chakahwa kuti CCC yanetsa,chikati regai ndinozvionera ndega.

Tariro 5 months ago

Ko @Gaffer urikupi atiudze zvikuitika

Caasi 5 months ago

Zviriko futi.

Imwe Mbeu 5 months ago

Sorry guys, ndini ndikuhadzira Area 51

vee 5 months ago

Pakaipa wats this futi zvatiwandira iiiii

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