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Uncle Roland Threatens To "Repossess" Cars From Passion Java After Accident

Uncle Roland Threatens To

Socialite Roland Muchengwa, popularly known as Uncle Roland, has threatened to repossess vehicles he claims he gave to self-styled prophet Panganai “Passion” Java to use.

The threat came after a BMW X6 vehicle that was being driven by Java’s driver, Courage Gwezhira, ran over and killed a pregnant 17-year-old girl on Seke Road on Tuesday.

In a video posted on social media, Java claimed he was on his way back to Zimbabwe, travelling from Tanzania when the accident occurred.

In a post on Instagram, Uncle Roland, appeared to confirm longstanding rumours that Java does not own the luxury vehicles he drives. He wrote:

Passion Java is my friend but if what I am hearing is true, I will end the friendship and repossess my vehicles. The news is tragic.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZimLive that investigations were still ongoing to establish if Java was present at the scene.

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@Advocate 1 month ago

toreranai ikoko nonsense

buddy 1 month ago

Nhaiwe Java ko unovhaira nemota dzisiri dzako dzekuchengeteswa haunyari

Ano 1 month ago


That s correct.

@ Mafirakureva,
We are not talking about the accident, we are talking about why someone can rent a car instead of buying one,for business sake.
Open your eyes.
I m not justifying the accident.

xxx 1 month ago

@ano No u almost tthere.what u do is buy $1mil peace of real estate.Then you rent it out , use the process to pay rentals for your budget house such that u generate a positive cash flow.Use as security or Borrow against the peace of real estate to start a business which can be fully insured.SMART

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

@Ano, don't justify the unjustifiable.
Don't normalise the abnormal

Ano 1 month ago

No, no need for your comment. You don't understand what investment means.Java is not a Full time Individual in the land. He understands how money works.
As simple example:If you have a million USD, don't buy a House, it s wise to rent a room or a budget house,and invest the money.
And by maintaining your capital,you will make even more money and later buy a house of your choice while your funds will still be alive.
In this case, Java is well advised by his Financial experts.

Shylet 1 month ago

Kkkk vakutinyaudza

OG 1 month ago

Java ndopaucha dzikama iwe mota hauna unopiwa nevadzo ivo vakadzi kama zvavo

Anonymous 1 month ago

He killed so tht timutaure zvatikuita izvozvi


steagi 1 month ago

asi mota dzacho ndedza mushonga hr

Anonymous 1 month ago

People like Uncle Roland are in the business of renting cars. You can rent a luxurious car for a period

Gava 1 month ago

hanzi 'hantikweretee'! kkk

Giribheti 1 month ago

Ini zvangu💔sure this young mother died because someone negligent ran over her MHSRIP.

Busani 1 month ago

Vakurwadziwa nhasi mwana paakabatwa chibharo zvakavafadza
Vakanyarara zvavooo

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