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UN Injects US$30 Million To Help Zimbabwe Fight Gender-based Violence

UN Injects US$30 Million To Help Zimbabwe Fight Gender-based Violence

The United Nations (UN) has injected US$30 million to help Zimbabwe fight gender-based violence (GBV).

This was revealed by the European Union ambassador to Zimbabwe Timo Olkkonen in Harare on Wednesday.

The event was held under the theme: ‘More women in business for real economic growth.’

Olkkonen said the country continues to record an increase in GBV cases despite concerted efforts to fight the vice. He said:

We are gathering under the banner spotlight initiative, a programme of EU and United Nations strategic partnership. The UN has invested 500 million Euros globally and here in Zimbabwe UN has invested US$30 million to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.

The EU through the spotlight initiative to eliminate violence against women is supporting the ILO model work place programme. The programme has among other activities such as training on women’s rights, to end sexual harassment and GBV in the workplaces.

He said they were targeting to have at least 85% women empowerment programmes as a principle objective by 2025.

Olkkonen added that the EU was strongly committed to supporting gender equality in Zimbabwe and worldwide. He added that at least 85% of all EU’s new programmes will have gender equality on girls and women empowerment as a principle objective by 2025.

He said the aim was to support transformation and build a gender-responsive society that ensures women’s equal participation in social, political and economic spheres.

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Overthinker 1 month ago

These funds should reach vanhu kwete government

Tanu Mark Finnity 1 month ago

This money will fall into the hands of the corrupt officials and will be not accounted for so please make sure it reaches the right beneficiaries who deserve this money not the greedy corrupt one's


That money is going straight into the pockets of senior officials of course

Vote❎ CCC☝️ 1 month ago

Senior politicians, law enforcement agents and security are at the top list of GVB instigators

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

What of men who suffer in the hands of women?

sekuru 1 month ago

at blabber its true the playing field is uneven the GBV usually empoers the ladues but you had a voice on your rights that
you as men we are being abused by these ladies when they are economically empowered they tell you point blank that i work for myself to get these money,cars etc if u also want to do the same work as well

Zim is hard guys

Blabber 1 month ago

True that kkkk


Blabber 1 month ago

Saka here kurewa kuti men will always be the perpetrators? This gender based violence drive they are pushing is all wrong. Who said its only women who are victims? Ngawatipewo mari titange mabusiness kuharaswer newakadzi wachida mari mudzimba kuite kushoma! Tikupera kuAbuswer psychologically nekusvirisa kwawarikuita wakadzi iwawa wachida mari! Wamwe wedu tikutokiiwa too bad newakadzi futi! Its all biased and reeks of shameless prejudice against the male specie. Mari iyoyo waifanira kuita half half

Project 66 1 month ago

How about jobs for the women so they have a sense of meaning in the community?

ewudha 1 month ago

@project 66 they is no statistics for job interviews& creation here but what i know is the funds will be disbursed via NGO which are already in zimbabwe
then they are also organisations which are into GBV business such as Girl child Network,Musasa Project

These Funds are also extended to the government thru goZ ministry such as Min of Health under department of social ,councelling etc,Victim Friendly Unit under Police as well ,Ministry of Youth also conduct these workshops on Gender Based Violence

1 month ago

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