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UMD Leader Explains Why He Left MDC

UMD Leader Explains Why He Left MDC

United Movement for Devolution (UMD) leader, Lovemore Moyo, said he left the MDC after realising that the party had departed from its founding principles.

UMD was formed in 2018 before the harmonised elections but failed to win a single parliamentary seat or ward.

Speaking on Monday during the Breakfast Club, an online programme hosted by CITE, Moyo, who was the Speaker of Parliament during the GNU era, said:

In fact, you may recall the politics towards the final days of the former president Tsvangirai that the character of our politics changed dramatically to a level where it became apparent that it was more driven by tribalism than the need to develop an opposition that is ready to govern.

You may recall the appointments of the two vice presidents or deputy presidents, whatsoever you call it, also was an indication that tribalism was now at play.

So I then decided to say, look, I cannot sit and watch while the movement that I helped to form was now departing from its founding principles and values of non-tribalism and non-discrimination on the basis of race.

So I then decided to say look it is no longer serving my interests and the interests of the people that I lead. I then decided to quit.

He said after leaving the MDC, he contemplated quitting politics but changed his mind after consulting civic society leaders, church and some traditional leaders.

Moyo believes devolution is part of the solutions to the problems that the country is facing. He said:

If we can devolve this country, the issue of past imbalances, and past injustices can be easily addressed.

The issues of inequalities that we have can be easily addressed in our view.

It will mean that the provinces will be in charge of their political and economic affairs.

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Pablo 3 weeks ago

Moyo some psychiatric check ups.

snake 3 weeks ago

you are totally lost dzoka munevamwe

dispenser 3 weeks ago

Hamudzidzi wakaita Seiko ,did yu not learn from Biti ,khupe , Mwonzora . CCC is liked for representing interests of people ,. Together we stand divided we fall. if Chamisa was to say I m pulling out of MDC without people s consent the Masses cld have denied him.But it was a good decision after our part was hijacked by Zanu thr mwonzora.

Chasura 3 weeks ago

Ana Moyo garai pasi

****o 3 weeks ago

Iko uyu wekusafunga tkt aripiko haachina chero nefon yacho , full of mawarapasina chaanowana kuzanu kwacho kkk hapana zvozikanwa

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

If you are still explaining your decisions 5 years later, then Lovemore Moyo you are lost and irrelevant. By now you should be telling the electorate your programmes and achievements since the breakaway, not insulting our eardrums eith criticism of the then MDC which has been overtaken by events.

You may have been a good referee, but certainly you are not a good player. Please leave the pitch to those that can play the game of politics

parasite 3 weeks ago

Wabaya dede nemukanwa , kuudza mwana hupedzisira umm haurove imbwa wakaviga mupini ☝️

CCC 3 weeks ago

dzoka iwe


Muntuza 3 weeks ago

Devolution in Zimbabwe is just a pipe dream, Moyo must join the Restorationist MRP , MLO or MLF etc advocating for a separate state from Zim"s binary status.

i 3 weeks ago

lni hangu pachezvangu vanhu vanoita sevasina kukwana handidi hangu.ko unotinyaudzireiko nhai Moyo everyone knows you are a failure so what more do you want to top on that.eish musatinyangadze mhani nzeve dzedu endai munofira kure uko nonsense

cde naked 3 weeks ago

Who is he again🤔?

Chahototo 3 weeks ago

tuwanhu twe CULT secret society ye CCC hatudi criticism amana kkkk. I bet, Biti akamuka criticising Chamisa, menge makutomuti atumwa neZanu Pf. You can't be right all the time.
2023 Ed Pfeeeeee

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