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Ukrainian Negotiator Killed Amid Reports He Was A Russian Spy

Ukrainian Negotiator Killed Amid Reports He Was A Russian Spy

A Ukrainian peace negotiator has been shot dead on Saturday ahead of the latest round of talks to end the war amid claims he was a Russian spy.  

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence said Denis Kireev, 45, was a spy and former banker who was killed during an operation to ‘defend the nation’. 

After his death, the government hailed him as a ‘hero’ but MPs claimed he was shot and killed by Ukraine’s security service after resisting arrest on suspicion of ‘treason’.

Both Russia and Ukraine have made claims about his alleged spying activities, each blaming him for working for the other side. 

Last month, he was pictured sitting on the Ukrainian side of the negotiating table during a summit with Russia on February 28

Boris Johnson has drawn up a six-point plan to defeat Vladimir Putin as he moves to assume leadership of global efforts to end the horror of war in Ukraine.

The Russian newspaper Pravda reported that Ukraine’s security service had ‘clear evidence’ of his suspected treason, which included telephone conversations. 

An official statement from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence said:

During the execution of special tasks, three spies were killed – employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The fate of Alexei Ivanovich, Chibineev Valery Viktorovich, Denis Borisovich Kireev.

They perished defending Ukraine, and their rank brought us closer to victory!

We express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims.

Heroes do not die! They live as long as we remember them!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

Photographs were posted online yesterday allegedly showing Mr Kireev dead before rumours that he was spying for Russia began circulating.

Russia claimed he was killed by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), while senior Ukrainian politicians claimed he died while in SBU detention.

More: Daily Mail

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$UB 5 months ago

Aaaah maRussian sausages akuda ktonetsa zvektodaro.
Vakutoona senge ndovaridzi veEarth

Putin 5 months ago

how dare you call us sausages

Chahototo 5 months ago

Russians are only defending their interests, their cause is justified, kungoti vamwe venyu you are easily swayed ne American propaganda

putin 5 months ago

Saka america ndoo varidzi ve earth here

5 months ago

Putin 5 months ago

Breaking USA to send fighter jets via Poland to aid Ukraine,Mumwe anoita mweya gorerino

dck 5 months ago

Chasara kunzwa kuti cabinet yaZelensky iKGB yese .Ngaangware mucomedian uyu achabatwa nemaoko ini zii zvangu

Nkust 5 months ago

Chinoita kty tiite setino support America pa hondo apa inyaya yekuti America inombotaura zvema human rights than Russia uye America inopindira patinodzvinyirigwa nevane simba asi Russia inoti haipindiri mu nyaya dze vanhu munyika mavo

Hilenia faranado 5 months ago

America yakavakwa ne mari dzekupamba vamwe, saka dzichinzi dzine mari

tuli 5 months ago

america ndoirikukonzeresa .Zelensky akafurirwa apa vakumusiya ega ,masanction avari kupa anoshanda hawo asi haamisi hondo .Ukraine iri kungoparadzwa everyday and Russia is intact .


Terminator 5 months ago

Chahototo anondishamisa America ini handinyari ndinoitsigira ndoyaka Peta Hitler muswe uye inema business muno atirikushandira vamwe China chiii ,, Russia chiii yakavakei muno ,, totoda vauye muno full-time they are coming soon kkkkkkkkk ,, Russia must pay the price of poking the lion with your middle finger kkkkk **** ,,China ,,,**** Putin ,,,and his cronies we stand with America all the way

Noah 5 months ago

Uyu anorwara uyu iti l no we

Hilenia faranado 5 months ago

America is not,your country...go back to Ancestors and Ask them... buildings are not.... life....

Pfomfviro 5 months ago

Russia lost more than 5000 troops within 10 days that's why vaakupedzera shungu ku ma civilians. Mu Russia wakanzwikwa uchitaura nezvirikuitika btwn Russia and Ukraine maererano ne hondo iyi 15 years mukati.Russia iyo urikuti 500 ndoo badzi akafa.Harina brain Putin

07433337789 5 months ago

Putin is right, next you know,why he is fighting for.... something which,he consider a priority mandate.... Us and European countries... are Invaders of African countries, but they don't allow anyone to invade their race....

5 months ago

manuscript 5 months ago

US invaded Cuba in 1960s because Soviet wanted to build military bases in Cuba and brought about the Cuba missile crisis.

Cuba is few miles away from US. So why should NATO and US build a military base in Ukraine which has a long border with Russia? Putin is not stupid. As it stands now NATO and US are unable to launch direct attack on Russia because of the distance.

Putin knows if NATO and US enters Ukraine and establish military base there Russia is finished.

Additionally, NATO and US breached the 1990 treaty which prevents NATO and US from expanding eastwards from the then East Germany.

Today NATO and US are almost everywhere in Europe including Croatia, Poland and other places that are closer to Russia.

Getting closer to Russia means NATO and US missiles can directly hit Russia.

Putin is not stupid.

Putin had been complaining ever since when those expansions began. No one listened.

Let's take a closer look at NATO and US activities recently:

1) Killed Ghadaffi of Libya for no reason. Libya conflict was entirely internal. Libya a once peaceful and prosperous country today lies in ruins with no sober government.

2) Killed Sadaam of Iraqi and destroyed that beautiful country; lying that Iraqi had weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons were found. Today Iraqi lies in ruins with no sober government.

3) Went to Syria and nearly overthrew Asaad had it not being for Russia. Syria lies in ruin but Asaad is in tact while that country is now the platform for terrorists. Syria conflict is/was entirely an internal problem.

4) Went to a peaceful Afghanistan after the Russians left. Today Afghanistan is a total mess.

If NATO and US not checked they will wake up any morning and decide to change a government anywhere anytime in this world.

My fear:

NATO and US has started sending military logistics to Ukraine. This is dangerous. It may lead to the justification by Russia that NATO and US wants to enter Ukraine so that it can launch attacks on Russia. And when this happens China, India, Syria, Iraqi etc and the bad boy N. Korea those staunched allies to Russia will support Russia.

N.Korea in fact has started last Saturday by testing a ballistic missiles.

It's like we are on the eve of a THIRD WORLD WAR.

The WAY out:
To me is for NATO and US to respect the treaty they SIGNED not to expand eastwards towards Russia...i.e they withdraw all the way to Germany or better still just stop were they are right now.

You can't be piling war armouries in front of my veranda with the aim of attacking me and you expect me to throw picnic for that.

This bitter truth you will not read or see in the western media.

@Dzorojena 5 months ago

What did you expect from a fallen race? This is indeed a wake up call to all who thought things are normal in a world inhabited by people with warped minds. Humans are still as barbaric as their ancestors. 2 world wars fought recently, a third one is loading. What a joke of a civilisation!

Joe Brownn Mutts 5 months ago

Russia is simply defending itself, we should actually blame provocative USA and Europe.

Machiavelli 5 months ago

It is either the 141 nations that voted against Russia at the UN General Assembly are imbeciles or you are

Seh Calaz @mabhanditi 5 months ago


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