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'Ukraine-based Students Could Complete Studies In Zimbabwe'

'Ukraine-based Students Could Complete Studies In Zimbabwe'

Zimbabwean students who were studying at Ukrainian universities before their studies were disrupted by Russia’s invasion of its neighbour on 24 February will be allowed to conclude their studies at local universities.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Fanuel Tagwira, said:

They can join local universities if the situation does not change in Ukraine. The details of that would be worked out by the respective universities.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Germany, Alice Mashingaidze, said they have evacuated all willing students from Ukraine. Said Mashingaidze:

We have evacuated over 256 students and 125 had their tickets bought and are already in Zimbabwe and reunited with their families.

There was a temporary ceasefire to allow them to leave, about 25 students left. They were 30 according to the information we have.

Students remaining in not only Sumy but other places in Ukraine are still there due to personal decisions.

Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February from the ground, air and sea and bombarded its neighbour’s cities, sending millions of Ukrainians and foreigners fleeing to neighbouring countries, mainly Poland.

The majority of Zimbabwean students fled to Poland and Romania, where the Zimbabwean embassy in Germany made arrangements for them to travel to Berlin before flying back to Zimbabwe.

The Government bought two-way tickets for all students they evacuated to enable them to return to Zimbabwe and also ensure that they can travel back to Ukraine when the war ends.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Tagwirei Kuda 2 months ago

I expected students to have some good critical thinking skills...

Creating a Plan B...

Doing research for other alternative institutions within the next 6-12 months

Consider transferring credits to other institutions and continue online studying.

Sadly Ukraine will not be the last country where residents and citizens including students will be displaced by war.

zvimbazi 2 months ago

kutambis mari uku....

Nkust 2 months ago

@chik, iwe unei nazvo kana usiri mazviri vanodzidza vanoziva kuti zvofamba sei iwe ziva zvehuhwindi zvakozvekurova ma door ebhazi manje government yava kudzora ma zupco akudhara asina ma door hameno ucharova chii

Chik 2 months ago

Saka zvitupa zvavo zvinozonyorwa Zita re local university yaazopedzera here

major Seer1 2 months ago

maybe it might be written "Accreddited to/with.....etc"

Mudzidzisi 2 months ago

Yes of course

Tanu Mk Finnity 2 months ago

Conclude your studies in zim kids there is no going back


putin 2 months ago

watii taps mind your language mfana

Tops 2 months ago

Going back to what!!! That country is no more. putin is putting all those buildings to the ground, airstriking them like there's no tomorrow

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