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UK: Zimbabwean Man Jailed For Having Sex With A Minor Under His Care

UK: Zimbabwean Man Jailed For Having Sex With A Minor Under His Care

A Zimbabwean man, Tatenda Shoniwa, of Caversham, has been jailed in the United Kingdom for having sexual intercourse with a minor.

Reading Crown Court heard that Shonhiwa, a care worker groomed a vulnerable 17-year-old girl into having sex with him while other residents slept.

It was told that Shonhiwa formed a relationship with his victim over the course of several months despite being under his care.

The Reading Chronicle reports that the 29-year-old was locked up this week after abusing his position of trust.

Rory Gordon, prosecuting, said:

In September 2019, the victim moved to a location for young people aged 16 to 25.

The victim and the defendant struck up a close relationship – they would stay up late talking to each other. He gave her compliments such as ‘you’re beautiful,’ and the defendant asked her for her Instagram handle.

He began talking about having a relationship when she turned 18 years old, and the defendant said he wanted to take her to Zimbabwe. The victim said, in hindsight, she knew she had been groomed.

Mr Gordon said Shoniwa continued to behave sexually around the girl until they had intercourse in October 2020, when other care home residents were asleep.

After they had intercourse, the 29-year-old would continue to behave sexually around the victim while they were in the same accommodation, despite their agreement to not have sex again.

In a statement read to the court, the victim said to a judge:

Because I was stuck living there I still felt disgusting, as something had happened in every room.

He should not have seen me in a sexual way – I was only a child. He was supposed to be a carer.

The 29-year-old man had admitted two counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 13-17 as an adult by abuse of trust in an earlier court hearing.

Defending, Nadia Chbat said Shoniwa wrote a letter to the victim and her family apologising for his actions.

Ms Chbat said Shonhiwa’s actions were out of character as he was described by friends and family as dependent and trustworthy. 

Judge Edward Burgess QC handed Shoniwa a 10-month prison sentence at Reading Crown Court on Thursday, May 19.

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Pa 1 month ago

you are ruining their lives

Pa 1 month ago

👦 guys please stop what you are doing to women out there 🙏 😢

Innocent 1 month ago

he is a bad person

GUNVOSTER 1 month ago

Mr Dhuterere...WTH due respect may u find t in yo spare tym to respect other tribes...don get me wrong it's not a threat


twabam 1 month ago

Vote for CCC

JC 1 month ago

I was about to blame the gvt and the health ministry but this guy needs Jesus. Imagine the costs and efforts needed to find a job that earns you pounds then you date a minor that you'll never marry and get deported. From Pound to Bond 😬

Life 1 month ago

Men need to control their lust.

you 1 month ago

Guys of all the things ka tribalism is bad the whites most of them dont really like us and then us as Zimbabweans we start behaving in a tribalism manner coz someone adhakwa nemtoriro says he wants to be king ngatishandisei brain guys # tribalism is bad

Dhuterere 1 month ago

zvako iwe mfana wangu not these ****s who claim Matebeleland is theirs after selling the country with sugar now they claim it again hauvoni kupengavo

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Aribusy kuti maswina kudaro Ave neweek asati ageza mabori yaainayo

Soothsayer 1 month ago

@manget don't utter nonsense ...maswina kudii kwacho

Mangethe 1 month ago

The SHONAS are killers, rapists and also thiefs . Imagine u are a foreigner but u rape a minor in her Country.
You are evil doers u Maswina people
You are in witchcraft ,Zaka ,Chipinge ,Gokwe are places where a human being can change to be bird
Chikurubi and Khami are full of the MaSwina ****

Shona warriors 1 month ago


Love is power 1 month ago

Please @Mangenthe behave yourself.....don't speak like a little boy or like you are being sponsored by the devil

BB & CB 1 month ago

Why all this hatred?simunye, we are one,we all black nxaaa!


Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Arikusvibisa CV renyika yedu, ende ndanyara. MaZimbabwean chii nekupara mhosva munyika dzevanhu kana muchinge mapihwa asylum

mu nurse student 1 month ago

guys its high time you need to pray hard for our families who are in diaspora,i was reliably informed that diaspora inemhepo dzakanynya maSe x u al cases,fraud,accidents,alcohol and drug abuse ,loneliness ,depression,mental health we need to pray for them m very serious about this issue imagine munhu kungotanga kuita zvema drugs kwaakutosiya basa aakuita mugangstaer akutengesa madrugs,police wanted list jailed then deporttd taakungosara nema pics kuti hona uyo aripa facebook achitumira maphoos now he is local akaidzorwa zvabatsirei munhu adzoka paakange ari

may you pray for your families siyanai nazvo zvekutsvukisa nzira yekuMukuru kunotora mari,tsvukisai nzira muchienda kunonamatira vana nehama dzirikudiaspora

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

Dzimwe dzacho hadzizi mhepo here dzinenge dzisingade kuti munhu abate mapounds kkkk

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

Apa wabhaiza, after serving your sentence, you'll be deported apa kumusha unenge usina kuinvester or kuvaka. KuZimbabwe kurikurwadza wangu, ndidzo mhepo dzekudzinza kwako dzakavhuvhuta idzi. Tornado chaiyo kkkkk

Ghetto Yut 1 month ago

amhara uyu haisi mhepo humhombwe chete

Dhuterere 1 month ago

Vaya ve Bulawayo vaikwidza vakadzi mota voita gang rape aive **** and zvinosemesa sei umwe achibuda umwe achipinda Matebeleland murder I think every family itori nengozi munouraya pliz chero kuJoni makonzeresa

Dhuterere 1 month ago

Banana was Nde bele aifemera vamwe varume kugotsi

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

Tell us about the Shona
man who changes to woman at night who got married to a man and was paid US$200 Bride/gay price😂😂😂👏👏👏😈😈😈

Rundofa 1 month ago

aaaaaa...kkkkkk amheno..

STALIN 1 month ago

mupei death sentence

Ronny 1 month ago

Ngaauye atiudze kuti yemurungu inonaka sei lol

... 1 month ago

inonaka wangu...white meat is healthy

Ndini Ndadaroo 1 month ago

kkkk apa anenge akavura ma settings ese

.. 1 month ago

Iyo Lula Lula iyi yanyudza vazhinji

pumura 1 month ago

muhard kkkkkkk finish

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Bvunzai Kembo MuHard

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