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UK, US, Speak On Zimbabwe's Anti-Sanctions Day

UK, US, Speak On Zimbabwe's Anti-Sanctions Day

The United Kingdom (UK) has claimed that its sanctions on Zimbabwe are asset freezes and travel bans on 5 Zimbabwean individuals for corruption and rights abuses.

UK dismissed claims by the ZANU PF government that the sanctions are behind Zimbabwe’s economic woes as they have, among others, blocked trade. In a series of messages on Twitter, the UK embassy in Zimbabwe said:

Trade between the UK and Zimbabwe was 244m USD last financial year

UK sanctions are asset freezes and travel bans on 5 Zimbabwean individuals for corruption & rights abuses. They don’t stop trade.

Let’s get this straight: the UK imposed asset freezes and a UK travel ban earlier this year on 5 individuals for corruption and serious human rights abuses. The UK has no economic sanctions on Zimbabwe #itsnotsanctions.

The facts: trade between the UK and Zimbabwe was 244m USD last FY, with Zim exports to the UK reaching 55m USD.

The UK and Zimbabwe have a bilateral trade deal which gives Zimbabwe duty & quota-free access to UK markets.

Meanwhile, the United States of America said its sanctions on Zimbabwe were imposed to encourage good governance and to foster democracy. Said the US embassy in Harare:

Advancing democracy, promoting human rights and protecting fundamental freedoms continue to be top priorities for the United States. America stands with the Zimbabwean people as you strive for a more democratic and prosperous future.

The Zimbabwe sanctions program aims to encourage those sanctioned individuals to stop facilitating corruption and start respecting fundamental rights and democratic aspirations.

The U.S. government can lift sanctions once it determines sanctioned individuals have stopped undermining democracy, violating human rights, or facilitating corruption.

These statements when Zimbabwe and the rest of SADC are commemorating the Anti-Sanctions Day (25 October).

They are also issued when a United Nations special rapporteur, Alena Bouhan, in Zimbabwe on a 10-day visit to ascertain the effects of sanctions imposed on individuals and some corporates in the country.

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H't'b' mutoriro 6 months ago


Regie mutize 6 months ago


Generari 6 months ago

maSanctions atinawo muZimbawe is Zanu PF 😂😂😂

Chahototo 6 months ago

Ma sanctions ekudii avanotaura Smith akatonga nyika ino aripama sanctions zvinhu zvichingoendeka azoshamisira Ku ZANU pf .ngavabude pachena kuti warikuba mari yezviwanikwa zvenyika

X Dube 6 months ago

I m happy if they can se that coruptio is big enemy not UK AND USA asimeni ukuzintshontshela zimbabwe please


Mr ndhlumbi 6 months ago

They are other sanctions which are destroying the economy. The US & UK just want regime change. Although Zanu Pf is corrupt, Zimbabwe will never be a colony again

Dambudziko Mhandu 6 months ago

Zanu PF government is destroying our economy through looting and corruption. Zimbabwe is now a Chinese colony and our own people are suffering in the hands of the heartless and ruthless China people. Zanu must drive out all forms of criminality they are creating daily and stop blaming innocent people whom they know have the potential to bring our beloved country back on its feet.


Tang ku 6 months ago

Anotori mashoma dirai munhu wezanu pf vese kana vakaremara ngavafakwe masanctions as long you support zanu you deserve heavy sanctions for years to come no sanctions will go But isu machinja hatisikumbozviona isu chatirikutoda chete maelections aribhoo isu taitoenda kubasa even pa covid pacho it's bcoz we have our own professionals unlike zvimazanu zvaiswera zvakabata mibhadha yekurova vanhu nekumwa kachasu

NHM 6 months ago

Very correct

Tsivo 6 months ago

Very true

R`G 6 months ago

Tru dat

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