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UK Raises Concern Over Human Rights Violations In Zimbabwe

UK Raises Concern Over Human Rights Violations In Zimbabwe

The United Kingdom (UK) has expressed concern over continued human rights violations in Zimbabwe, which include the persecution of the opposition and civil society leaders by the State.

In its Human Rights Priority Countries’ ministerial statement for the period January to June 2021 published on Tuesday, the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office said:

We remain concerned by the human rights situation in Zimbabwe with no notable improvement between January and June 2021.

We continue to be concerned by the pattern of harassment of prominent opposition and civil society figures, as well as journalists.

We were yet to see accountability for the abduction and multiple arrests of opposition MDC Alliance members Joana Mamombe MP, Cecelia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova, as well as the repeated arrest of journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is accused of abusing State institutions such as security services to ruthlessly clamp down on critics and the courts to jail protestors for lengthy periods without conviction.

Several prominent government critics and opposition leaders were arrested in the first half of this year for organising protests or posting critical comments on social media.

In February this year, the UK slapped sanctions on four Zimbabwean security chiefs for alleged human rights violations. The new report says:

These restrictive measures are not targeted at, nor intended to impact, the wider economy and the people of Zimbabwe.

In the first half of 2021, the UK continued to support civil society in Zimbabwe to hold the government to account.

Responding to questions on Tuesday about what London was doing to solve the crisis in its former colony, Tariq Mahmood Ahmad, UK minister of State, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, said they regularly urge the Government of Zimbabwe to uphold its constitution.

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Straightouttacountryside 6 months ago

Human rights abuses are more happening there than anywhere, they persecute blacks more in their countries.

Straightouttacountryside 6 months ago

Human rights abuses are more happening there than anywhere

loveness 6 months ago

Zanu,Opposition parties,UK,America,AU and SADC

none of the above care about us as Zimbabwens. Vatorinema personal agendas avo zvavo.

Fanuel 6 months ago

On point.

Straightouttacountryside 6 months ago

Word my brother.

Sterwat 6 months ago

hudzvanyiriri ahuna kutanga nhc isu vamwe toita setisinga zviwoni


Shadows 6 months ago

Sry @tsivo. Unotoona mnhu mutema achisupporta America KT vakagona kusunga mnhu mublack kwe42yrs. Shame on u guys. Ska abuse inongoonekwa muno nhai. Maforreigners arikurohwa kujoza uko, what are they saying. Y UK yega. Ko dzimwe nyika hadzis kuona hr. Wake up guys.

Tsivo 6 months ago

ko guys ukaisah comment nemashoko asiri ezvinyadzi zvakaipeyi nhayi.pamwe pacho hazvinakidze

Nimrod mandishona 6 months ago

Kkk zii zvangu

Chapwititi 6 months ago

KuAmerica you are given compensation. Mothlante Commission report recommendade that the State was liabe to pay compensation,but up to now,nothing have materialised. Varume musatsigira condo.

Chapwititi 6 months ago

Our Old bull dogs must uphold the constitution. Vice-President Mambo Mohadi resigned but up to now no replacement.Malaba dogged the retirement,The junta failed to conduct by-elections,these are only fee examples brother.

Shadows 6 months ago

Action yeiko. Inyika yavo hr ino. Imbwa dzevanhu. Ngavatariswe zvakaita neAmerica kusunga mnhu kwe42 yrs asina mhosva. Ndomahuman rights violation iwayo. Kwete zvekupenga izvo. Matuzvi

Four 6 months ago

@Shadows dnt put too much feeling when on the commentary box. Dont personalise the country of Zimbabwe. Yu protrail similar charectristics with these guys yu r supporting hakuna munhu anoti Zimbabwe ndeyangu.

Im surpurised kuti at this end yu cant even see that this NATION has been dragged into poverty by this system. The problem with you i guess waka indoctrinetwa ne this party to the extend ykuti hauchakwaise kuona chakaipa or kutambutambura. Newz dzauri kuverenga pano shld make you hv a good judgement.

Nkust 6 months ago

Yaa vava kuzotibhowa manje otherwise tavakuzo support er vanoti bvisai ma sanctions nkty we thought one day there will be some form of action

Mr Kazungula 6 months ago

Comments without action

Shadows 6 months ago

So wat

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