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UK Joining USA In Sending Long-range Missiles Systems To Ukraine Defying Russia's Warnings

UK Joining USA In Sending Long-range Missiles Systems To Ukraine Defying Russia's Warnings

The United Kingdom (UK) has said it will join the United States of America in sending long-range missile systems to Ukraine, defying warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin against the supply of advanced weapons.

The Russia/Ukraine war has surpassed 100 days and fighting continues.

Russia invaded its neighbour on the 24th of February this year citing “genocide” against pro-Russian people in that country. Ukraine denied the allegations dismissing them as mere propaganda.

Western powers condemned the invasion describing it as an act of aggression and pledged to support Ukraine in every way possible until Russia had “paid a price.”

Russian president, Vladimir Putin warned that any country that would interfere shall rue the day they made that decision.

Ukraine’s allies have so far avoided any direct confrontation with Russia.

They have, however, been supplying weapons as Russia continues to capture cities in Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials Friday said reinforced Russian troops backed by airstrikes hit a portion of eastern Ukraine on Saturday, blowing up bridges and shelling apartment buildings as they fought to capture two cities that would put a contested province under Moscow’s control.

The cities, Sievierodonetsk and neighbouring Lysychansk, are the last major areas of Luhansk province still held by Ukraine.

The Russian attacks are central to the Kremlin’s goal of seizing the entire Donbas region, where Moscow-backed separatists have fought Ukrainian forces for eight years and established self-proclaimed republics.

Meanwhile, it is not known how Russia will respond to U.S. and UK’s actions.

In February, Putin ordered the Russian military to put its nuclear forces on “special alert” – the highest level of alert for Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces.

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