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UK Human Rights Groups Fear For The Lives Of Zimbabwean Deportees

UK Human Rights Groups Fear For The Lives Of Zimbabwean Deportees

Human Rights groups in the United Kingdom say they fear for the safety of Zimbabwean nationals deported on a Home Office charter flight on Wednesday night.

The deportation flight left Birmingham Airport for Harare, despite concerns raised about the human rights situation in Zimbabwe.

The number of the deportees could not be ascertained but some campaign groups estimated 10 people were on board.

One of the deportees, according to Karen Doyle of the Movement for Justice group, had lived in Britain for more than 20 years and suffered from mental health difficulties.

Black Activists Rising Against Cuts national chair Zita Holbourne, who has been campaigning to stop the flight, said the majority of men targeted for deportation had fled political persecution in Zimbabwe. Said Holbourne:

It’s disgraceful to deport people knowing their lives will be at risk in Zimbabwe and whose only family are here in the UK. Many came to the UK as children with their parents fleeing persecution.

The campaigners fear that some of the deportees were human rights and political activists and are in danger from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government which allegedly uses abductions, torture, arbitrary arrests and violent assaults to silence critics.

Meanwhile, the UK Home Office has defended the deportations, saying those being removed are criminals. It said:

The government makes no apology for removing murderers, rapists and child abusers and those with no legal right to be in the UK.

Since January 2019 we have removed over 10 017 foreign criminals.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Nothing is going to happen to them coz they lied that they were running away from ZanuPf, Biti ran away got caught in Zambia and he is enjoying his freedom to date. avo havazikanwe havatorina kana party yavanosapota saka ngavauye vagare pasi zvavo...😂

Fanyana 2 months ago

@chimuti taura hako shaa. If vanhu varikuda kuprotecta madeportees iwawa had been directly affected by their misdemeanors vangadai varikutaura here kt don't deport them. Dai tiri kutotsvaka pekuvaisa vachisvika kuno. Its only that being deported to Zim itori punishment pachayo, in comparison to living standards dzemujeri reko

@comment Doc 2 months ago

fact pajeri apo

chimuti 2 months ago

Vakomana ummmm pakaipa but ivowo kana vachita mhosva ikoko vachiziva kuti zvinodzingisa haaaaa ameno havo

Nelson Chamisa Mbooro 2 months ago

Kutyira vanhu ivava vashoma. Zimbabwe yese ikupisa, hapana zvataura apa. Ngavadzoke ...tikati maameii nenzara to voter pakanaka next year.

Dubs Magehlegehle 2 months ago

Heysh! It's from frying pan into the fire.They left Zimbabwe to seek political asylum. Britain is deportng them.They are coming back home to face the dreaded......


Mface WaFadzai Mahere 2 months ago

don't forget kuvapa machangani bag ka iwe Boris Johnson

Jojolah 2 months ago

Kkkkkkk, sadaro amaaana.

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