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UK Deports More Zimbabweans

UK Deports More Zimbabweans

The United Kingdom (UK) last week Thursday deported another batch of nine (9) Zimbabweans barely a year after the arrival of another group of 50 was deported. 

An agreement was signed in June last year between Zimbabwe and the UK, in which the former pledged to properly treat deportees on their return, The Herald reports.

The UK Borders Act allows the British government to deport any foreigner who has received a jail term of at least 12 months unless some exception applies.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Mr Livit Magejo confirmed the arrival of the latest batch. He told the Herald:

We received nine more deportees and they have since reunited with their families.

Some of the individuals who had been earmarked for deportation raised objections with the courts and were allowed to appeal.

Some allegedly contracted COVID-19 in some detention centres and resultantly could not be deported at that time.

Deportation of foreign nationals is subject to several exceptions, including the European Convention on Human Rights or UK’s obligations under the Refugee Convention.

All those deported have been provided with the opportunity to raise claims, including asylum and human rights claims before their deportation.

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Tinashe Redzo 4 months ago

Ungati watombobuda muZimbabwe woita zvekutambisa mukana kudaro

deported deportee 4 months ago

it's nice to smell again the sweet aroma of sewage in the streets.

jakarasi 4 months ago

ngavauye tivote next year kkkk

Not Yet Uhuru 4 months ago

Zim polls are cursed 🤬. Every national poll would see a mass exodus of her citizens. 2023 is coming, the Aftermath would be terrible, some would be late whilst others who would manage would be refugees. Batai ipapo 💭

jj 4 months ago

ngavauye tivote next year

Kule Kule 4 months ago

ngavati kavara kavara vadzoke nguva ichipo. gore rinovuya kune nhimbe

@kule kule 4 months ago

papindula pane vanhu vanoda kusekererwa kkkkk

Gweks 4 months ago

Ngavadzoke asi hatizodi kunetswa dzambavha nemagororo


Citizen raPep naChisa 4 months ago

Kana maenda kunze uko toziya vasikana vanenge vachikurwirai asi don’t be tempted kuita chifake gangster chekuno.most of these deportees varikusungiswa vari innocent bcoz the law favors women ,kwasiyana nekuno kwaunorwadzisa mabby uchipona,uko unongonzi rape toona waitwa deported musazoty handina kutaura

Dhara Racho 4 months ago

uyai tizovhota vakomana. zveku uk zvaramba

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