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UEFA Champions League: Karim Benzema's Hat-trick Dumps Messi's PSG

UEFA Champions League: Karim Benzema's Hat-trick Dumps Messi's PSG

Real Madrid skipper, Karim Benzema, last night scored a 17-minute hat-trick, including two goals in just 11 seconds, in a UEFA Champions League match handing the Apostles a 3-1 victory over Paris Saint Germain (PSG).

Madrid proceed to the quarter-finals after winning 3-2 on aggregate. 

Benzema (34) has become the oldest player to score a UEFA Champions League hat-trick, taking the mantle from Olivier Giroud. He also becomes the first player to score in 18 successive calendar years in the Champions League (2005-2022).

Speaking after the match, Benzema said his compatriot, Kylian Mbappe who scored two goals for PSG, one in the first leg and another last night, was disappointed. He said:

Kylian was disappointed after the game, it’s normal – he wanted to shine as always. But he’s young, he has enough time to do it…

I’m proud to be third best goalscorer in Real Madrid history (overtaking Alfredo Di Stefano) but I won’t stop, I want to score again and again. Real Madrid are still alive and we’ll never give up. We’ve to say thanks to Real Madrid fans, they were special tonight.

With 309 goals for Madrid, Benzema needs 13 more goals to break Raul’s record and climb into 2nd place. He also holds the club’s record for the most assists. Teammate and shot-stopper, Courtois said Benzema is the best number 9 in the world. He said:

Karim Benzema is the best number 9 in the world, he showed it. Lewandowski also scored 3 goals yesterday (Tuesday), but 2 penalties. Today Benzema showed why he should be higher on the Ballon d’Or this year. Today he was running, fighting, even limping.

Benzema’s hat-trick inspired a comeback against the Messi-Mbappe-Neymar PSG.

Meanwhile, Manchester City drew 0-0 with Sporting to proceed on 5-0 aggregate.

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a**ssh*l* 3 months ago

Better luck next time 😭

Gary 1 month ago


3 months ago

ashy 3 months ago

Benzema iz king of football guyz

ashy 3 months ago

Benzema iz king of football guyz

ashy 3 months ago

Benzema iz king of football guyz


Gogodera 3 months ago

Zim is for everytribe my mother is ashangani tribe my father is shona my grandmother is sutu my grandfather is shona so ndiri mundebele musutu mushona Ska vanotuka muntirwadzisa peace

Tkt 3 months ago

You are a Shoona...Sothos+Shoona+xangaan{I don't see where eres a relation with nde bele)

Zimyouth 3 months ago

Other UEFA results please, or in short who have qualified for the quarterfinals?

Promise 3 months ago

Hala Hala

Smokin on top5 3 months ago

Hala madrid hala

Gora 3 months ago

Trophy to madrid

Tinmike 3 months ago

my money is on Man city

Anonymous 3 months ago

Ko zvaukunyora and the soccer article zvikupinda papi

vostoko 3 months ago

Good morning ladies and gentlemen am glad that you are fine.
My name is Me and i am born ndebele
my girlfriend is a shona and she's so sweet
my sister's and brothers are Shonas
i used to say i hate Shonas but frankly speaking i doi not hate anyone
i just Joke around with them because i love them so much.

i and Shona people live together in harmony in Victoria Falls

but wat am seeing here on the comment section is barbaric. why involving tribalism everywhere
ayikudaki lento yini na?

they are people who behaves like kids on this platform.

and it is a clear indication that those people are unemployed because they spend entire day and night commenting, spreading tribalism message on this platform.

People lets show maturity

you can't enjoy meal whilst eating the same food from dusk to dawn.

i thank you

Yours Faithful

Dr Me (the hard worker)

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Musango poster poster comment 1 muma article ese.

Cable Guy 3 months ago

What a game

Learnmore Mubhika 3 months ago

Madrid deserve to take the trophy

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Mabhinya anenge akayimirira neziso tsvuku..

Hello 3 months ago

First time seeing records are broken yet Ronaldo CR7 name id not mentioned

3 months ago

D1vant 3 months ago

#HalaMadrid, Benzema really showed Mbape the real team to be in. Classic

LaSilva@ KC 3 months ago

Haaaallaaah Madrid

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