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Uebert Angel Paying Tuition Fees To Over 1 000 Students

Uebert Angel Paying Tuition Fees To Over 1 000 Students

Uebert Angel, the founder and leader of Spirit Embassy, The Good News Church, is now paying tuition fees to over 1 000 students at the country’s various institutions of higher learning.

Angel, born Hubert Mudzanire, is the Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large to Europe and the Americas (OPEAAL).

The Herald reports that the scholarship, which targets students at tertiary institutions from disadvantaged backgrounds, is an apolitical facility that has been welcomed by students across the country.

In a statement, the (OPEAAL) said Angel is sponsoring “from his own pocket without recourse to public or Government funds, was founded in honour of President Mnangagwa. Further reads the statement:

It is built on the recommendations of HE President Mnangagwa’s principle to assist all Zimbabweans regardless of their political affiliations. The initiative is aiming at paying tuition for 10 000 Universities and college students.

The NUST Vice-Chancellor Prof Dlodlo expressed utmost appreciation for such an initiative after 50 students benefited from such initiative.

The Principal of Gweru Poly Mr Chandiwana also praised President Mnangagwa for assisting students.

Angel’s donations have, however, divided the nation, with critics saying those students could be paying fees for themselves in a functional economy.

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Yellow Machine 3 weeks ago

Vote ccc

The Prophetic 3 weeks ago

May we learn to give credit when its due....Angel has done a great thing... giving to the disadvantaged....Even if the economy bcmzs stable...The poor will always exist..n they will need such kind of help....
Thumps up to the Major Prophet

factos 3 weeks ago

Naaah he's just paying back the offering he milk from them


Tateguru 3 weeks ago

Some districts in Zimbubwe are not on the angel's map. Kwedu hakuna ari pa 1000 iyoyo

Imwe Mbeu 3 weeks ago

So what's the correct number, 1K or 10K?

Rm 3 weeks ago

1k is being paid for but 10k is the aim

Zuze 3 weeks ago

The correct answer is ZERO

chipp 3 weeks ago

please lets not mix.politics with this noble and mighty achievement
This is God given and must be respected and never taken lightly.

》》》 3 weeks ago

yes tell them @chipp. what could be noble than a donation from a person with a fake surname, two national IDs and fake degrees?

Sekuru waBona 3 weeks ago

right dakukuudzai chinhu one munofunga kuti ma bi elections akaitwirei?

hezvino zvikonzero

1. zanu was testing it's rigging machinery saka vakabva vati regai titi ccc ihwine but ivo vachiwana mavotes akati wandei tarisai kuti ccc yaihwina ne8000 zanu 6000 tarisai mafigure ayo ndipo pane nyaya kunzi zanu yakakwanisa kuwana mavotes munzvimbo dze opposition

2. zanu yakahwina seat munzvimbo dze opposition

saka bi elections aive marehearsals come 2023 zanu ichahwina and Edith achahwina zvikuru zvonzi ccc inga makabvuma wani ma bi elections nhasi moramba aya

SADC ne AU dzoti bhoo as. usual afterwards mahwani ochitanga manje

kumagumo kune nyaya

Dr X 3 weeks ago


Moyo Muti 3 weeks ago

This is ED 's move

he* 3 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

He is giving back what got from their parents which is gud though...

. 3 weeks ago

Major my role model leading by example

🧑‍🎓 3 weeks ago

All critics out there can't even buy a loaf of bread for their relatives, why can't all express gratitude just for once.
Appreciating the job well done by the Emeritus.

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Thanks and vote for Chamisa

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