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UAE Firm Starts Construction Of $500 Million Cyber City In Zim

UAE Firm Starts Construction Of $500 Million Cyber City In Zim

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based company, Mulk International, has begun to build a $500 million high-tech park in Zimbabwe, called Cyber City.

Cyber City is being built in Mount Hampden on the outskirts of the capital, Harare.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of the project, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said:

The construction of the Cyber-City is in line with the major tenets of the National Human Settlements Policy, including ensuring the provision of an orderly and well-built environment with requisite on-site and off-site infrastructure.

In this regard, it is envisioned to be a self-contained intelligent city, providing high-quality infrastructure, attractive surroundings and high-speed communication access for the production of goods and services for both local and export markets.

To this end, this Cyber-City will complement my Government’s ongoing efforts of creating an environment which helps our brilliant young boys and girls to build a prosperous and modern society for both present and future generations.

Mulk International said the development, spread across more than 232,257 square metres, includes government, residential and commercial buildings.

The Sharjah-based industrial conglomerate was granted an exclusive licence to develop a special economic zone dedicated to blockchain and digital assets.

Zim Cyber City’s master plan includes the newly completed parliament building, ministry buildings, 250 townhouses, more than 80 luxury villas, apartment blocks, offices, a high-end retail arcade and a 15-storey commercial tower.

According to Mulk International, corporate licence holders within the zone will have access to incentives, including free repatriation of capital and profits without any limits and the ease of fund transfers in and out of the country through local or foreign bank accounts without any caps.

They will also benefit from tax exemptions for five years, freehold resale of property and permission to employ foreign staff at a flat rate of 15 per cent tax.

More: The Herald, The National News

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ziso 4 weeks ago

yauya Dubai mu ZZimbabwe the prophecy has come to.apass

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Who is Bushiri anoita zveyii garazviya ndewe bhora anotbira Man u here kana Chele mabhinya

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

kkkkkkkk🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🆘🇿🇼🐒🐒🐒🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆N,anga dzavapo mazuva a Pharaoh .Rwendo harina kukona nekuti Paita n,anga dzakanda tsvimbo dzikashanduka kuita nyoka .Chanakidza apooo ndechekuti Mosese akakanda tsvimbo ikashanduka kuita nyoka sezvakaitwa me n,anga dza Pharoah .Chakanetsa ndechekuti tsvimbo yemukomana yaaka Kanda ikashanduka kuva nyoka sedze n,anga yakaminya mashiripiti e n,anga ose dze n,anga dzakamedxewa .Chikonzero Kuna Mwari anonzwa anoshandura nemoto . Mukomana akatora vanhu akaenda navo Canaan n,anga dzirupi , pharaoh aripo Mauro ake nevatasvi vanesimba vemabhiza varipo,magenarari a pharoah aivapo akasvinura akaguta ASI hazvikumisa basa ra Mwari .Kwanzi muchazviona asi hamungazvidyi sorry nadapedza hangu .

Cde Cimba 4 weeks ago

Haa Shepherd Bushiri akanyay. Hanzi behold I see a new city being built in looks like Dubai...I saw the roads, the buildings... wonderful wonderful wonderful things.
Vavengi vachida vasingadi the prophecy is coming to pass.
Big up prophet Shepherd Bushiri, prophet Eubert Angel and prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. All you say always come to pass.
On 16 April prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied to ED.."... even if you don't campaign, your works will campaign for you..."
2023 zvaendwa izvo vana Nero vachingowukura.

Yours Cde Cimba vekuMhangura.

Observer 4 weeks ago

Catering for the rich.
The poor will continue to suffer.

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Time buying we are fully aware of this misdemeanor from the octogenarian.Kkkkkk Zimbabwe will never be the same again.Time is out we don't need a rocket scientist to tell us that Mars is not on Earth .

Mukadota 4 weeks ago

Ordinary Zimbos Havana Chavo. Uchazonzwa kuti Mulk ndeya Scott. These guys are creating companies abroad anozoba muno

Mukadota 4 weeks ago

Saka vanga vakamirira 2023 kuti vatange kucherachera makomba? What were they doing since 2018 apart from kukwira ndege to Davos?

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

In this century how could a head of state with a motorcade of more than 200 top of the range fuel guzzling cars officially open toilets and boreholes.A litre of petrol costs 1.80 USD not bonds these cars always move around on full tanks .80 litres itai maths dzacho ini iiii.Kodzava 200.mariiyoyo inotenga mapump arikudiwa muno mu Harare kuti titenge.🙆🙆

Zuze 4 weeks ago

Opening Blair Toilets and commissioning boreholes in Glen View

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

Look at all the negative nancies in here, the likes of mukadota. You don't like positive news don't you? Doesn't blend well with your masochistic mind I'm sure. Vote Zanu PF for economic development and peace and stability/ down with the puppets of CCC MDC ne MRP

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Hautengi shangu dze chikoro kwasara vhiki kuti chikoro chivharwe . Unotenga chisati chavhurwa ndouchenjeri .

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Hautengeri vana shangu dzekuchikoro chikoro chasara me chili kuti chivharwe unotenga Asti aenda kuchikoro .Kazukuru kangu kanoti sekuru ndoda shangu chikoro chovhurwa .Ndapedza hangu.

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

Zuze, if you Find yourself always downplaying and disregarding positive news, then it's clear what's wrong with you, isn't it? Loose screws

Zuze 4 weeks ago

@Blue 💙, wakanganwa zita rekuti BlueMan. Wakambomuona kupi munhu weBlue?

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

It has never been one sided, what are you saying? Are you trying to play the tribalism card? That's unacceptable

🥴chidakwa che politics 4 weeks ago

hmmmmmmm, kupi kwacho why is development one sided in terms of infustructure.
Harare is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Harare.


Fire Ball 4 weeks ago

Viva ED, thank you our beloved president for these and other developments happening in our beloved Zimbabwe. May the Lord continue to give you wisdom and good health to continue implementing more projects. As for me and the rest of ZANU cdes, we love you.
May you win with a resounding victory next year.

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Pa health pane aka bhulwa aka bholanjwa nema tsotsi anorova blood chete saka haaaa siyai zveutano zvakadero hazvitaurwe Kuma Masvingo vanoti hazvitaugwi .💊🆘🙆🇿🇼

Chamhamha 4 weeks ago

Pagood health apo vamwe vakatorohwa nemuzvezve kare. Kungoonesanawo🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Povo 4 weeks ago

You wish!

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Madii kuvaka Masvingo,Mutare , Bulawayo you hate these towns ok kunoda kutengwa motokari dzekudzima Moto ok,,,,kuchatsva rini heeee ok

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

@ blue point of correction honorable member of Zanupf . Decentralization is needed asap in our country .You look at Pomona deal it's here in Harare Bulawayo 402 yrs ago Mugabe died talking of Zambezi Matebeleland water pipeline . Nothing was done up to date .Batoka electricity generation project never saw the daylight but that's were we are failing .We are importing electricity from Joza and DRC . Let's look at prioritization we need more electricity than ever before .Fire engine we will by .

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

Torega kubuilder nokuda kwe Masvingo? Look, isn't Mt Hampden in Zimbabwe? Where's the problem Da Vinci

dispenser 4 weeks ago

is that going to bring stability to the economy, currency, or improve standard of living for the majority

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago

Negative Nancy

kisswell 4 weeks ago

Maita basa ED but ngoma ndiyo ndiyo chirovai pasi isu kuno kwaBushu hatitombopindi pamurikuvaka ipapo, hatidyi izvozvo murikuzvivakira imi nevamwe venyu. zvinotibatsireivo isu takadziya hedu zuva tirikuno?

KIOXIA 4 weeks ago

How about building power generating stations, how will they power the city nehwange inofa every minute?

malevels 4 weeks ago

awa ndiwo madhiri chaiwo chaiwo,hausari usina yako yemusana pakadai kana mamirion gumi

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