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Two Zimbabweans Arrested For Armed Robbery In SA

Two Zimbabweans Arrested For Armed Robbery In SA

Two Zimbabwean nationals have been arrested in Johannesburg, South Africa, for armed robbery and illegal possession of ammunition.

The Zimbabweans and their two alleged accomplices, both South African, are expected to appear in court soon.

In a statement on Thursday, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s communications unit said on 14 June, police officers in the city received a complaint from two students who alleged they had been robbed of their cellphones.

The students alleged that they were mugged by five males at Delvers and Albert Street. Johannesburg Metropolitan Police said:

Officers proceeded to the area where the robbery occurred and followed up on information of the suspects who committed the robbery.

The information led officers to a building at End and Albert Street where they found three male suspects identified by the complainants.

The rooms were searched and three toy firearms, two okapi knives and five live 9mm ammunition were recovered.

Whilst searching for a fourth suspect, information led officers to where the suspect resides.

Upon arrival, a 17-year-old female was found in the room. When searching the room, another toy firearm and live ammunition was recovered.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Anonymous 1 week ago

People from Matebeleland youre represending us well abroad😂

Tsotsi 1 week ago

Isu vanhu ve ccc are exporting mbavha that is our goal to rob the whole of South Africa and pass the blame onto Zanu pf

Takazoiravira Chidhindi 1 week ago

Ko nhy iwe Swager ukundiudza here kuti muzimbabwe makororo hasi kusungwa police yedu inorova basa basa sebasa vanogona vakomana nevasikana vedu

ZPP ya Jestina 1 week ago

We hope the SA police also established if these robbers were Zanu PF or CCC members.Its possible that the two parties are exporting thugs.

Swagger 1 week ago

Good job S.A police.ZRP is sleeping on duty.they are entertaining machete gangs,armed robbers,murderers

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