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Two Zimbabwean Men Die In Shootout With Botswana Police

Two Zimbabwean Men Die In Shootout With Botswana Police

Two Zimbabwean men died on Monday morning in a shootout with Botswana police while three other Zimbabweans who were part of the gang have been arrested. In a statement seen by Pindula News, Botswana police said one Motswana was injured and admitted to the hospital while his compatriot was arrested. Reads the statement:


Two Zimbabwean men died in an exchange of fire with members of Botswana Police Service this morning (06/0612022) near Botswana College of Engineering and Technology. Another suspect, a Motswana man got injured in the process and is hospitalised. Three others being two Zimbabweans and a Motswana have since been arrested.

This follows an Incident in which the six armed men aged between 33 and 45 allegedly attacked and robbed a 34-year-old man of cell phones at his residence in Extension 10. The robbers fled the scene and were later involved in an exchange of fire with the Police. The Police have since recovered three pistols suspected to have been used in the commission of the offence. The stolen cellphones were also recovered from the suspects. A motor vehicle with false registration numbers used in the commission of the crime has since been impounded.

Preliminary investigations indicate that some of the suspects have been on Police Wanted List for various cases of robbery committed in Gaborone and the periphery One of the deceased has been on bail for a similar offence.

Police investigations into the matter continue.

Signed Near Bagali (Senior Superintendent) For/Public Relations Officer

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ABSA 3 weeks ago

Good move Botswana police our ZRP here is failing to do that to machete gangs and armed robbers

chikiti.. musavengana 3 weeks ago

robbing those rich gangs is the only way yo go

proudly zim 3 weeks ago

people should not go to other countries kunoita humbavha ,vakusvibisa zita renyika

Mind boggling 3 weeks ago

Mwakusha you cansay that again. Botswana is doing serious ppolicing unlike here in Zim, vana vanourayana and police does nothing until the one who killed the other even kills himself without the police apprehending him. Dai mapurisa akasunga mkomana wekusouthleypark or Stoneridge whichever location, Dai asina kufa.kkusunga munhu apara mhosva brings justices to the offended, protects the community from undesirable elements, it also protect the offender. I feel they is more to nyaya yemwana akauraiwa akaiswa mucooler box than meet the eye. To me, Mwana akauraya umwe anga akatumwa, maybe akapromiswa mari but then munhu akamutuma upon realising kuti nyaya yaipa killed the boy after using him to kill the 16 year.old.m.nyaya iyi ngaihongorirwe mushe Ine vanhu vakuru mukati, worse still the boy was living with a step mom, I smell a rat. People might think it's drugs but I doubt that very much because mKomana wokuuraya mumwe seemed to know where he was taking the body ndosaka akatora bhara. Somehow maybe munhu akamutuma made a u turn or did not fullfil his side of the bargain hence he dumped the body. It's very possible kuti the same culprit akatumwa uyu mwana is the one who followed the offender akamuuraya to cover up so that they are not exposed and appear like suicide... The real offender might be out there.

Zimlife 3 weeks ago

lts normal in Zim they shoot you and search you then they publish your body

Vybz Kartel 3 weeks ago

My colleagues were shot and killed

Mwakusha 3 weeks ago

This is policing. T****ugh enforcement. Nyaya yema phone 📱 and there are corpses. ZRP should learn from these professional guys


Imwe Mbeu 3 weeks ago

Ngazviende, hatizvidi, hatizvidi, hatizvidi!

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