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Two Ukrainian Footballers Killed Fighting Russia Invasion

Two Ukrainian Footballers Killed Fighting Russia Invasion

Two Ukrainian footballers have been killed while fighting against Russian invaders, global footballers’ union FIFPRO has confirmed.

Vitalii Sapylo (21) and Dmytro Martynenko (25) lost their lives in combat and are believed to be the first football casualties of the eight-day war.

Sapylo was a goalkeeper with third-division side Karpaty Lviv’s youth team, while Martynenko last played for second-division side FC Hostomel. A statement from FIFPRO on Twitter read:

Our thoughts are with the families, friends, and teammates of young Ukrainian footballers Vitalii Sapylo (21) and Dmytro Martynenko (25), football’s first reported losses in this war.

May they both rest in peace.

FIFPRO general secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffman told BBC Radio 5Live that they do not information about the exact number of footballers who are actively involved in the fighting. Baer-Hoffman said:

We’ve had confirmation from the ground, which is of course incredibly sad.

We don’t have clear information on how many of our members are really currently involved directly in the conflict, and of course, there are still hundreds of Ukrainian players, male and female, in the country.

Our union on the ground is effectively working out of bunkers and cellars where they are hiding from the attacks, so it’s a very difficult situation to analyse.

These two players have apparently passed away, as part of this military invasion.

They’re showing how football and sports, in general, is an afterthought because they’re just individuals who unfortunately got caught up in this terrible war.

Sapilo’s father Roman confirmed the death of his son at the frontline to BILD, a German publication. He said:

He was such a happy, fun-loving boy. It was an airstrike by that damn Putin. He took my child from me.

He really wanted to fight. The first tank broke down, then the second, but under no circumstances did he want to leave the front.

He asked for a third party. This armour has brought him eternal sleep.


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RUSSIAN VODKA 2 months ago

this Urkrane story is starting to bore me because they are whites they try to make everyone feel sorry for them
Look what NATO did to Libya, look at the Palistines, look at Iraq they killed lots of people but just because its a white person i should feel for them no way
Putin is right.

Vax 2 months ago


Bright 2 months ago

Ummm so sad

MuGrade 2 2 months ago

Zim psl warzone news extra

Reporter:MuGrade 2

Political editor:Sir Kwanele

Zimbabwe's top prophet challenges World's top militarist n politician,Putin

A top and best Prophet ever to emerge from Zimbabwe' second largest city,Bulawayo,who is known for splashing bottles,'ukubhomba',has challenged the best man at the moment in the military n political field,H.E Supremo Vladimir Putin of Russia in a BOMBING match.
Talking to this publication,Mr Prophet,who is popular for his healing prowess, claimed that he can BOMB both Putin and his army with only seven bottles and thus render Putin helpless, leading to surrender.
"I have got special bombs that can destroy Putin and his mighty army within five minutes.My bomb won't kill him but it will utterly destroy his ego and also send shivers than the spine of his military men.With God all things are possible.",said the prayerful and confident prophet.

Mr prophet has solved both medical, spiritual,political,financial and court issues before and to date he has helped most famous including former ANC leader, Jacob Zuma,who was once arraigned before the court on rape charges,he won and was elected president of South Africa as per his prophecy.
We wait to see whether Supremo Putin will accept the challenge and reign supreme or he will ignore the challenge.
This publication tried to call Putin in vain,as his phone wasn't unanswered.

Jona 2 months ago

Adiyi ku challenger Zanu pf iri padhuze?

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Shche ne vmerla Ukrania ✊✊✊

(These are the first words of the Ukrainian National Anthem)

Translated into English it is :- Ukraine lives on!

kanyuchi 2 months ago


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