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Two Toddlers Die During Baptism Ceremony

Two Toddlers Die During Baptism Ceremony

Two toddlers died during a baptism ceremony at Kubatanakwashe Faith Fellowship Church along Save River in Chipinge last Friday.

The church is located at Ndunduma Village in the Chibuwe area under Chief Musikavanhu.

The two children from the same village died soon after consuming the concoction that had allegedly been prepared by the church leader, Pedzanai Masapa during the church service.

The two children were identified as Taurai Zituta-Sithole (one) and Raymond Bote (11 months) and were both buried on Tuesday.

The Manica Post reported sources as saying Masapa had prophesied that something bad would happen to the Ndunduma children unless they were baptised.

Deputy Manicaland provincial Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the incident. He said:

On November 25, Shangurai Chifadza (23) and Miriam Zvuihari (22) of Ndunduma Village went to attend a church service at Kubatanakwashe Faith Fellowship Church shrine in the same village.

The church leader, Pedzanai Masapa (43) of Masimbe Village told the congregants to go for baptism along Save River.

While at the river, Masapa prepared a concoction which was a mixture of milk, flour, and coarse salt, and made the children drink it before their baptism. This was according to their church doctrine.

Before giving the minors the concoction to drink, Masapa prayed for the mixture and drank it first. He gave it to 10 infants who were present.

However, a few minutes later, the two minors, Raymond Bote and Taurai Zituta-Sithole started producing froth from their mouths.

They were rushed to their homes and died upon arrival. The matter was reported to the police who attended the scene.

The bodies were taken to Chipinge District Hospital for post-mortem.

One of the bereaved parents, Mwadhana Zituta-Sithole, told The Manica Post that post-mortem results revealed that there was no poisoning. He said:

My wife and our late son went to Kubatanakwashe Faith Fellowship Church for prayers together with other members of the community.

On this fateful day, our child looked fine, but I was surprised to see my wife returning home around 4 PM saying the boy had collapsed at church.

We tried everything to resuscitate him, but God had other ways and he died.

I cannot attribute his death to the concoction they were made to drink at the church.

There are some issues rocking the church that need urgent addressing. The matter is before the traditional leadership.

The church leader, Masapa, prophesied that a calamity would befall our children and this has come to pass.

The local traditional leader, Mutape Nzeka said the community elders will discuss how to cleanse the area.

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1 month ago

Makachekeresa vana ka

mourner 1 month ago

m heart broken by this very young and fulklk of energy jus gone like that nxaaa

ree 1 month ago


Tateguru 1 month ago

Ummm I also think it was not the concoction.

Asha 1 month ago

@Tateguru please tell us what you think it was, maybe you can help this poor family.but you have a point,it may be something they ate at home.

John Chikabudura 1 month ago

talk of village ****s 🙄

1 month ago

N'anga dzechipostori dzakauraya vana.

jz 1 month ago

mface akachekeresa vana uyo


Gb 1 month ago

Yaaa vanhu ngationei hapadi kutsigira muporofita apa kana akaporofita akaita kundiso why vana vakazofa muface muroyi uyu zvaaida zvakato ita manje akachekeresa votozara kusowe rake

Native 1 month ago

The father of the Child is so **** how can he blame God for the death of his child whilst muroyi vari apostle vanwisa vana concortion apa vabereki ava mabhambi vanonwisa vana vadiki kudaro such things too isiri poison .

1 month ago

True God does not exist

. 1 month ago

Team rechipositori kufunga chaiko kunovanetsa inofanira kutovharwa church iyoyo vojoina zvigure zvitori nane .

Ashie we AFM 1 month ago

haa mapostori huye bode ...the parents where brainwashed if the baptism and concortion can serve the lives why then the children died kuswero nyeperwa nemaporofita enhema

Ashera Ugarit 1 month ago

@Native I agree with you.The father of the e child should instead sue this so called prophet and stop attending this church.But we all know this won't happen, simple because some people are just f***d up.They actually believe ITS THE WILL OF GOD.very shocking,the same prophet will probably conduct the funeral.very sad story I hope the father's eyes open .but again the poor prophet or postor or whatever he calls himself may be innocent,it may not be concoction as according to this so called post moterm,which I personally find it strange how the results came up negative for poison.STRANGE INDEED!

Dr Bre 1 month ago

the father is a brainwashed ****

Baba 1 month ago

Sungai mhondi idzo hero basa mapurisa

mai junior 1 month ago

vakachekeresa vana

farai 1 month ago

ko kupinda hedu Chechi dzisiri dzemweya zvinei.zvekuudziwa gomba ratoziva kuti tese takatarisana naro ndozvatoda.
may the kids'soul rest in peace

Dofo 1 month ago

kudyisa mwana ane 11months flour mbishi yakaiswa salt I think at that age mwana anenge achiri kurarama ne breastfeeding only😏😏 doesn't need a rocket scientist,,,kkk ndiyo poison yacho,,,zvekuti ndiye akatanga kumwa hazvishande coz zimudhara time ma intestines ajaira kachasu

I think 🤔 1 month ago

Logic says the children were poisoned

Milliyan 1 month ago

pfutseq ungabhabhatidza mwanaarui less than 12 years 😡😡 vanhu ngatiende kuchurch dzinoverengwa ma bible pliz

ccccc 1 month ago

Muchinyanya kupinda church dzevanhu vakafoira chikoro kare madhunyasi

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