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Two More Police Officers Arrested Over Theft Of US$70K, Jewellery Worth US$10K

Two More Police Officers Arrested Over Theft Of US$70K, Jewellery Worth US$10K

Two more police officers have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the theft of a safe with cash amounting to US$70 000 and jewellery worth US$10 000 in Belvedere, Harare early this month.

The suspects, Maxwell Chidyamudungwe and Tyirai Muzarabani will join four other officers in custody facing theft and abuse of office charges.

Prosecutors told the Court that Chidyamudungwe and Muzarabani allegedly received a tip-off from an informant that there was a stolen safe containing an undisclosed amount of money and jewellery which had been discovered by police detectives from a certain house in Vainona, Harare.

It is alleged that during the investigations the duo interviewed other four police officers who are already in custody and were told the whereabouts of the cash.

It further alleged that the accused persons proceeded to the house of the chief suspect identified as Chriswell Fainoza where they recovered cash amounting to US$14 000.

ZBC News reports that instead of booking the whole amount in police records as an exhibit, the duo reportedly took US$8 000, gave Fainoza US$2 000 and surrendered US$4 000.

This was after the first four police officers to investigate the case had already taken their share of the loot and left Fainoza with the US$14 000.

The matter came to light on July 12 following investigations by detectives from the CID Homicide, leading to the arrest of the suspects.

Searches were carried out and nothing was recovered.

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Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

What did CID Homicide had to do with a case of a simple robbery where no murder took place? Wanga wachitodawo bag these corrupt officers onzwa rimwe benzi richiti corruption is being funded by the west nxaaaa

Swagger 1 month ago

Vadzingei basa imbavha idzo.

Kacha Kacha 1 month ago

Seems civil servants are not well paid eish

zimcitizen 1 month ago

My advise to these poorly paid police officers is to join other civil servants in the planned job action next week. Zveku ngwavhagwavha zvavari kuita izvi zvaramba.

Nzeve refu 1 month ago

zara mapurisa

Porisi 1 month ago

I thnk u shld put in mind that not every porisi is at road block. Only the few and we paint every porisi with corruption colors.

They are not being paid

VZ 1 month ago

mapurisa ndoMbavha dzekupedzisira manje, taneta navo pamaBlock

i 1 month ago

hamusati makwana unonzi mari iyoyo


fun time 1 month ago

A clearer conflation of survival and professionalism. I wish for better salaries for the Police, besides the struggle for survival, these guys are working under very difficult conditions yet they are the executive arm of the government, yes, together with the president. The head of state should personally look at improving their working conditions. The maintenance of peace, law and order can not be substituted or compromised. They are at the core of the state.

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 1 month ago

I don't trust the man wearing that uniform at all, but I trust the uniform hanging on a court hanger only 🤔

maporisa 1 month ago

zvadhakwa ampurisa

CID 1 month ago

Sorry takatotengeswawo. But Mari hatiburitse

XXX 1 month ago

As long as POLICE gets peanuts as renumeration , expect more robberies, corruption and criminal abuse of office. Hatisi tese tine share or mukana wekudya zvirinyore or day light robbery sePomona Deal Waste Management.

Phidza 1 month ago

#Taneta nembavha

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